vein stripper

vein strip·'per

an instrument used to remove a vein by tying the vein at one end and pulling it, tearing its branches, and thus, stripping it out of the body.
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A vein stripper (VastripTM, Astratech, Sweden) was introduced into the cut vein from the ankle upwards and passed through the entire length of the vein.
stopcocks, stopcock and flush anchor sets, torque control device, taps, wound closures, Inflation Devices, pressure bags, Dilators, Pressure Wire, Pressure tubing, extension Tubing, Contrast Media Syringe, Contract Spike), Vascular Grafts, Carotid Shunts, Patches and Felts, Valvutomes, Vein Strippers and Vessel Loops, intra-aortic balloon pumps and accessories.
sterile disposable surgical products (disposable vein strippers, SECTO dissectors, tonsil sponges and surgical marker pens)