Trolard, Paulin

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Paulin, French anatomist, 1842-1910.
Trolard vein - a large communicating vein between the superficial middle cerebral vein and the superior sagittal sinus. Synonym(s): superior anastomotic vein
vein of Trolard
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Occipital sinus was identified in 17(8.3%), vein of Trolard in 98(48.03%) and vein of Labbe in 105(51.47%).
A large hemorrhagic venous infarct in the left frontal and parietal lobes (Figure 2) with abrupt cutoff of the vein of Trolard and superficial draining veins was evident on MRV with a 7 mm midline shift (Figure 3).
Intercommunication between various venous sinuses via communicating veins (Vein of Trolard and vein of Labbe) or through merger into each other, especially at torcular herophili, explains lack of correlation between the severity of underlying pathology and infrequent clinical symptoms.