veiling glare

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blind·ing glare

glare resulting from excessive illumination.
Synonym(s): veiling glare
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This image processing software enhances noise suppression, offers excellent brightness control, reduces veiling glare, enables potential dose reduction as well as processes fluoroscopic images with the same high-quality and low-dose features in the radiology departments around the world.
Along with enhanced noise suppression and powerful brightness control, MUSICA for dynamic image processing reduces veiling glare, while enabling dose reduction.
Your telescope's optics should be scrupulously clean to eliminate veiling glare caused by any scattered sunlight that enters its tube.
With too much ambient light your computer screen will look "washed out" because of veiling glare. This makes reading more difficult, and increases your chance of making reading/typing errors.
(4) Reflections of concern to the patient are firstly forward reflections (from the front and back surfaces of the lens), which are experienced as veiling glare that makes the lenses more visible and the eyes less so.
For computer tasks, the disadvantage could be both by veiling glare and by a high contrast between the luminance of the background and the VDT.
The new optical materials and multi-layer optical coatings used in the lens effectively lessen the ghosting, flare and veiling glare that might be stimulated by strong light sources -- sun in the daytime and car headlights at night time.
Our Visual Ergonomics application specifically addresses real issues such as veiling glare, visibility, contrast, blooming, color perception, peripheral vision, and can even take into consideration the age of the driver.