vegetative life

veg·e·ta·tive life

the simple metabolic and reproductive activity of humans or animals, apart from the exercise of conscious mental or psychic processes.
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Am I more at home with this vegetative life? Could it be as important to cultivate my vegetable soul as it is to become intelligent and fit--the rational and animal side?
Our specific objectives were to compare: (1) phenology of bud and tiller development and bud bank age structure, (2) individual tiller performance (e.g., bud production, daughter tiller initiation and establishment, and flowering), (3) vital rates within the vegetative life cycle, and (4) retrospective and prospective population performance based on the finite population growth rate (X).
Sleep is prominent in his treatment of Shakespeare and his reading of history plays and romance episodes is intriguing, but his equation of "denigrated vitality" (81) with Giorgio Agamben's notion of "bare life" seems to lose the thread of Aristotelianism while awkwardly applying a philosophical perspective that many now leap to in early modern studies and yet that cries out for a more rigorous conversation with early modern ideas of vegetative life. The chapter on Milton offers a fine reading of Paradise Lost, but it isn't clear how much this work rises above extensive critical conversations about Milton's materiality and vitality.
The fate of Terri Schiavo and the fate of the tortured prisoners are the two extremes of America's regard for human rights: on the one hand "those missed by the bombs" (mentally and physically complete human beings who must be deprived of all rights), on the other hand a human being reduced to bare vegetative life (the living dead whose "life" must be protected by the entire state apparatus).
But why is this slant on native plants given so much attention when we have such a seemingly unlimited supply of vegetative life forms to adorn our private landscaping and gardening projects?
Taken together, our results confirm that, in the vegetative life stage, members of Symbiodinium, both cultured and in hospite, are haploid.
The results confirm that members of Symbiodinium are haploid in the vegetative life stage.
If Symbiodinium were diploid in the vegetative life stage, more "heterozygous" genotypes should have been sampled.
We use the words in two very different ways, one meaning vegetative life, the other conscious life.
I argue also that, in developing his concerns, Meilaender neglects the distinction between useless and burdensome treatment that I set out in my original essay, mishandles the issue of personal identity (for a Christian), and argues for a position that may even worship at the high altar of vegetative life.
Deciding that a vegetative life is not worth preserving is a value judgment, not a scientific fact.
A bright line of vegetative life lined the view hundreds of coastal days.