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The aggregate of the vital functions common to both plants and animals.
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In contrast, Francois Delaporte draws the vitalism/mechanism divide in botany as one between "plant action theory," with which he associates the use of analogy in the works of Charles Bonnet and Erasmus Darwin, and "plant mechanism," with which he associates experimentalism and Cartesian mechanism in the works of John Lindsay and Thomas Knight, and suggests that the adherent to analogy and plant action theory "went wrong." See Nature's Second Kingdom: Explorations in Vegetality in the Eighteenth Century, trans.
you will start receiving alerts when someone within your delimited area wants to buy your apples,” said Santiago Hernandez, CEO of Vegetality's parent company.
Though in the period concerned the vegetal style and the plastic one had already given way to the severe and disintegrating styles, the floating lines and the flowing spaces of that object reflect an acute sensitivity for vegetality: coupled with what might appear as dozens of pairs of animal or human eyes, which, if you view the centre of the mirror in the way these modern 3D -- "magic eye" -- pictures have to be viewed, might as well be seen as leaves.