vegetable wax

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veg·e·ta·ble wax

palm wax or any wax derived from plants such as the bayberry.
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By combining a high percentage of lime seed oil with a small amount of vegetable wax, Desert Whale Jojoba achieves the benefits of lime seed oil in a more stable and functional butter base, said the company.
Cassab Group Enters into Agreement with Kahl GmbH II-48 Clariant AG Introduces Ceridust Waxes II-48 Clariant Enters into Distribution Agreement with Cornell Brothers II-49 Horn Enters Partnership with Multiceras II-49 KahlWax to Introduce Three New Organic Waxes for Personal Care II-49 Wison Engineering Delivers Six Projects for PetroChina II-49 Koster Keunen Milks Introduces Sprayable and Easy-to-Use Wax Dispersions II-49 Multiceras Develops Alternative Technique for Extraction of Candelilla Wax II-49 BASF SE Opens New Plant for Oxidized Polyethylene Waxes Production II-49 KahlWax Introduces VegoJelly 7036 Plus II-50 Lubrizol Introduces Lanco(TM) 1580 LF Polyethylene Wax II-50 Altana acquires ChemCor II-50 IGI Introduces 100% vegetable wax II-50 KahlWax Acquires SPICA S.
Way Out Wax (WOW) has combined pure vegetable wax with citronella (an essential oil) and hemp seed oil to create a toxic-free summer evening.
Pooja Sharma, senior consultant within Kline's Energy practice, notes "The new dynamic in the wax industry will be the one of change, where the emerging wax supply will be driven by three variables: reducing petroleum wax supply due to Group I plant rationalizations, growth in supply of hydrogenated vegetable wax, and growth in Fischer-Tropsch and polyethylene wax capacity.
Executives said vegetable wax has a slower burn rate than paraffin waxes, and it also burns cooler, which helps to retain scent.
Rocca-Lundstrom said vegetable wax burns differently and more inconsistently than combination waxes.