vegetable wax

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veg·e·ta·ble wax

palm wax or any wax derived from plants such as the bayberry.
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Its all-natural candles are made from vegetable wax with fragrances such as cedar, orange, and patchouli or orange and clove.
YSL Eyebrow Pencil in 2: Contains vegetable wax from the fruit of a Japanese tree called the sumac.
Our unique blend of vegetable wax, food-grade paraffin, beeswax, hemp seed oil, and 100% soy wax container blends offer the cleanest, most-consistent-burning candles available.
Beautifully presented in its own etched glass holder, this elegant candle is a unique blend of hand poured vegetable wax, specially formulated to burn cleanly and release its perfume.
A proprietary blend of lime seed oil and vegetable wax creates an exclusive butter.