vegetable charcoal

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veg·e·ta·ble char·coal

charcoal obtained by charring vegetable tissues, especially the wood of willow, beech, birch, or oak.
Synonym(s): wood charcoal
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Supplied under the company's Hiestand brand of premium bakery, the new black and red burger buns, coloured using completely natural vegetable charcoal (black bun) and beetroot powder (red bun) and sprinkled with sesame seeds, have been developed to offer serious stand-out.
Gluten-free, organic, original, five seed or a special black-coloured "detoxifying" vegetable charcoal bases are available.
Managers at hotels, restaurants and other service facilities will contract directly fresh produce, and also vegetable charcoal from the cooperatives; the currency to be used is Cuban pesos.