vector loop

vec·tor loop

a smooth or irregular, usually elliptical, curve representing the average direction and magnitude of the heart's action from moment to moment throughout the cardiac cycle.
See also: vector (2), vectorcardiogram.
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In the proposed joint VPLL, we add a vector phase lock loop in addition to the conventional PLLs dedicated to individual channels as shown in Figure 1.The vector loop uses the outputs of all channels discriminator as measurements to estimate the position and clock bias prediction error in the EKF block.
When coupled with the supplier's encoder, the system becomes a closed vector loop that generates energy savings with real time motor torque control.
The author has organized the main body of his text in nine chapters the devoted to the vector loop method of kinematic analysis, rolling contacts in kinematic analysis, kinematic coefficients, the inverse dynamics problem in machine dynamics, joint friction in machine dynamics, the power equation, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
First step towards performing tolerance analysis would be to identify the vector loop of dimensional chain that would affect assembly build.