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The pole-vault drills should isolate the separate, individual skills that are necessary for successful vaulting.
Many high school coaches are relieved not to have to deal with pole vaulting.
2 -- color) Nicholas Anderson, 13, works on his pole vaulting form Thursday during the clinic at Valencia High's football field.
Nearly every catastrophic injury over the last 20 years could have been avoided by (1) using common-sense where circumstances dictate, (2) strict compliance to the rules on hazard-free soft-landing zones around the landing mat, (3) proper use and maintenance of legal-sized landing mats and vaulting poles, and (4) seeing that the participants (athlete and coach) acquire an accredited pole-vault event education.
During the days of rigid or near-rigid vaulting poles, the bending/unbending pole-energy storage system was negligible.
From autumn 1982 to spring 1994 - the most recent data available - there were nine high school pole vaulting deaths, said Mueller, founder of the National Center of Catastrophic Sports Injury Research at the Chapel Hill, N.
As we continue to grow and mature within the next level of Identity Management, Privileged User Management, we will work with reputable firms such as ICSA Labs to provide our customers with the most secure and scalable Vaulting solutions on the market today.
Companies across a range of industries, from banking and finance to pharmaceutical sectors, are investing in Cyber-Ark's Vaulting Technology to manage and secure sensitive data throughout the information lifecycle.
Cyber-Ark(R) Software, the leader in Vaulting Technology(TM), today announced that Dan Dinnar has been promoted to Vice President Regional Sales - Asia Pacific.
the leader in Vaulting Technology(TM) for instant, secure enterprise connections, today unveiled the Inter-Business Vault(R) for Managed File Transfer.
Cyber-Ark(R) Software, the information security company that invented and markets Vaulting Technology(TM), today announced a new clientless Web Interface to the Network Vault(R) for passwords (Password Vault).