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Ayurvedic medicine
A herbal enema used in ayurvedic medicine to eliminate ama (physiologic impurities).


collective term for anterior thigh muscles (i.e. vastus medialis, intermedius and lateralis muscles)
  • innervation femoral nerve

  • action knee joint extension; hip joint flexion

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Vasti joins Netsmart from the Oracle Corporation, a leading worldwide enterprise software company, where she has served in e-learning and curriculum management positions since 1994.
Tenders are invited for For Equipment (1) Panchkarma table (droni) wooden (with stand) (2) Pizhichil/sarvangadhara yantra (3) Vasti yanthram (niruha) with disposable accessories-kit (4) Awagaha tub (5) Shirovasti cap 6) Sarvanga bashpa swedan yanthra (lying type)(7) Panchakarma accessories (set of 13 items)(8) Stretcher on Trolley NIB 118
Tenders are invited for Improvements to Dalit vasti roads at Village Bhendewade Tal Khanapur ( Strengthing and black topping)
MAHADISCOM) is currently installing two transformers in Shantinagar and Ghule Vasti areas in Bhosari.
Tenders are invited for Consructing cement concrete road in gaothan at nimbhere(under dalit vasti sudhar yojana 2014-15)
Tenders are invited for Supply metarial of cement cement road khadaki to khode vasti part 2 at ekalahare tal nashik dist nashik
Tenders are invited for Supplying material for construction of kapase vasti cement bandhara at- pimprad tal-phaltan dist-satara
Tenders are invited for Providing led street light fitting dalit vasti sudhar for municipal council gangakhed dist.
Tenders are invited for Material suply under scheme dalit vasti sudhar
Tenders are invited for Construction of water supply scheme at dalit vasti at wadavali
Tenders are invited for Providing and laying underground drainage line at arne vasti in rahata municipal council.
c gutters along existing roads in prabudh nagar at chalisgaon dist jalgaon under nagari dalit vasti sudharna yojana