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(vā'sō-spas'tik, vas-ō-),
Relating to or characterized by vasospasm.
Synonym(s): angiospastic
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Relating to or characterized by vasospasm.
Synonym(s): angiospastic.
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(vas'o-spazm) [? + Gr. spasmos, a convulsion]
Spasm of a blood vessel. Synonym: angiohypotonia; angiospasm; vasoconstriction
vasospastic, adjective
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Current treatments with calcium channel blockers or vasodilators such as nitroglycerin, changing the disease activity and avoiding the compounds that determine constriction at coronary level, make the diagnosis of vasospastic angina quite difficult (JCS Joint Working Group 2010).
She had no prior history of vasospastic condition, known inflammatory or autoimmune disorders, relevant allergies, or Raynaud's phenomenon.
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Studies have also suggested that patients with a history of migraine headaches and Raynaud's Disease, both comorbidities that our patient experienced, are more likely to suffer from vasospastic syndrome.
Structural changes in the vessel wall due to organized thrombus or extravascular compression can cause vasospastic attacks, a mechanism described in secondary Raynaud's phenomenon [14].
Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) is a disorder characterized by episodic vasospastic attacks of the small blood vessels that supply the skin of the digits that is precipitated by exposure to cold or emotional stress.
However, other unsupported theories such as vasospastic phenomena, coagulation disorders, and viral infections have also been implicated in its development.
Nitroglycerin patches, creams and gels have all been reported to reduce the severity and frequency of vasospastic events.
The major sign of PIH is hypertension, suggesting that it is due to vasospastic events in placenta, uterus and brain.15