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, pl.


(vas'kyū-lŭm, -lă),
A small vessel.
[L. dim of vas, a vessel]


  1. a small vessel (vas).
  2. a penis.
  3. a botanist's collecting case.
  4. a leaf in the form of a pitcher.
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For my eleventh birthday he gave me a vasculum, a metal box strung around the neck and used by botanists for carrying newfound specimens.
And yet in his camera he brought back unique film of an undiscovered country; in his vasculum (carrying-case) he brought more than 1,000 plant specimens that would soon transform the gardens and parks of Europe and North America.
509: `Tunc salvator locutus est dicens: surge proxima mea, columba mea, tabernaculum gloriae, vasculum vitae, templum coeleste,.
VASCULUM A Botanist's collecting case B In-turned club foot C Personal slave who am I?
x x Clathria aspera x x x x x Cliona delitrix x x x Cliona aprica Cliona langae x Cribrochalina vasculum x x x Discodermia dissoluta x Eclyoplasia ferox x x x x Haliclona hogarthi x x x Halisarca sp.