vascular plexus

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vas·cu·lar plex·us

a vascular network formed by frequent anastomoses between the blood vessels (arteries or veins) of a part.
Synonym(s): plexus vasculosus [TA]
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On the other hand, a patient with grade 2 disease in the left eye exhibited no pronounced abnormality in the right eye on OCT, while OCTA revealed reduced vascular density and telangiectatic vessels in the deep vascular plexus.
This vascular plexus regresses at 9 weeks of gestation (Tortori-Donati et al, 2005)
The scleral vascular plexus of vessels can be identified and it is mildly congested but otherwise normal in colour and shape.
Embryological Basis: Embryological source of this variation may be explained as an abnormal deviation from the normal process of embryonic development of vascular plexus.
The distribution of the enhancement corresponds anatomically to the extrinsic perineural vascular plexus of the facial nerve rather than to a breakdown of the blood-nerve barrier.