vascular plexus

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vas·cu·lar plex·us

a vascular network formed by frequent anastomoses between the blood vessels (arteries or veins) of a part.
Synonym(s): plexus vasculosus [TA]
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Abbreviations APS: Arterioportal shunt BSS: Barium sulfate suspension CBD: Common bile duct CT: Computed tomography DR: Digital radiography HA: Hepatic artery HBD: Hepatobiliary damage LPD: Lipiodol RIO: Red-stained iodized oil PV: Portal vein PVP: Peribiliary vascular plexus TACE: Transarterial chemoembolization.
Although injection of NO donors proved beneficial, an injection mode of administration might not be clinically useful because of concerns that the injections themselves could produce trauma to the delicate subdermal and dermal vascular plexus of local flaps.
They report that OCTA provides data important both for understanding the pathogenesis of MacTel 2 and for patient follow-up, allowing clear observation of changes in the deep vascular plexus in early disease and choroidal neovascularization in later disease stages, unlike fundus fluorescein angiography.
The retina has four distinct vascular plexus with unique morphology to meet the metabolic demands of specific retinal tissues.
This vascular plexus regresses at 9 weeks of gestation (Tortori-Donati et al, 2005)
The latter CD34 staining revealed a dense vascular plexus surrounding the cirrhotic nodules.
According to Miranda-Neto et al., this larger neuronal density of the mesenteric region is likely to happen because of the neurons that promote the innervation of the flat muscular fibers of the intestinal wall added those that innervate the rich vascular plexus. Together, these neurons, through the mesenteric, penetrate the intestinal wall to irrigate it or they leave the intestine to drain it.
On the other hand, a patient with grade 2 disease in the left eye exhibited no pronounced abnormality in the right eye on OCT, while OCTA revealed reduced vascular density and telangiectatic vessels in the deep vascular plexus. On careful examination of SD-OCT images of this eye, it was noted that the foveal pit was asymmetric.
The latter extend and bifurcate further horizontally prior to fusing with the capillaries of the deep vascular plexus. The remaining foveal avascular zone is also depicted (arrow), considerably reduced in extent.
We found that the vascular plexus of melanomas is much more heterogeneous than nevi's plexus.