vascular pedicle

vas·cu·lar ped·i·cle

the tissues containing arteries and veins of an organ; specifically in chest radiology, the (width of the) mediastinum at the level of the aortic arch and superior vena cava.
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An axial vascular pedicle and perfusion bioreactor are necessary for the development and maintenance of large-scale engineered muscle to ensure circulation within the construct.
On the inferior aspect, the vascular pedicle was the most prominent one with evidence of direct supply from the brachiocephalic trunk which was ligated and divided (Fig.
Typically, these tumors grow towards the vascular pedicle and may cause abdominal pain and hemorrhagic shock (9).
Vascular Pedicle and Branches of Anastomotic Branch A shows a vascular pedicle (arrows) from a branch (br) from the inferior gluteal artery descends to supply the sciatic nerve (SN) (arrow head) of BF; biceps femoris, GM; gluteus maximus muscle.
Transposition of the nipple on a cutaneous vascular pedicle.
Penile skin flaps, which have ample vascular pedicle, and are considered the most reliable material for reconstruction of long or complex stricture6,7.
The renal allograft was found twisted 360 degrees on its vascular pedicle and ureter despite prior nephropexy, likely secondary to adhesions in its upper pole.
Scrotal septum vascular pedicle flap is an optional flap for repairing UCF with its reliable blood supply.
One-half of the right inferior parathyroid gland was tagged with nonabsorbable suture and left in place with an intact vascular pedicle.
sup][5] suggested that choosing a lateral perforator creates the longest possible pedicle to raise the flap from the distant nontraumatized zone and allows the surgeon to inset the flap with minimal torsion to the vascular pedicle.
6) Later, authors sought to increase the area exposed by dissecting into the Rex fossa around the umbilical point (junction with left portal vein) and around the bifurcation of the right vascular pedicle.