vascular nerve

vas·cu·lar nerve

(vas'kyū-lăr nĕrv)
A small nerve filament that supplies the wall of a blood vessel.
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In order to better describe the specific position of the vascular nerve root, Tomii et al.12 refined the concept of REZ, and described the REZ of facial nerve as the REZ point (REx P) and the separated site of medial facial nerve and pontine surface as the nerve dissociation point (RDP).
In Group 2, the vascular nerve bundle was located under ultrasound guidance and a total block was achieved by administering all the local anaesthetic within the nerve sheath.
Linguofacial branch: The nerve branch was one of the most distinct vascular nerve branches of external carotid nerve as a direct vetro rostral continuation of the external carotid nerve along the dorsomedial surface of the artery (Figs.