vascular lamina of choroid

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vas·cu·lar lam·i·na of cho·roid

the external or superficial portion of the choroid of the eye containing the largest blood vessels.
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vas·cu·lar lam·i·na of cho·roid

(vas'kyū-lăr lam'i-nă kōr'oyd) [TA]
The outer portion of the choroid of the eye containing the largest blood vessels.
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Albrecht von, Swiss physiologist, 1708-1777.
Haller annulus - Synonym(s): Haller insula
Haller ansa - Synonym(s): communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve
Haller arches
Haller circle - (1) a network of branches of the short ciliary arteries on the sclera around the point of entrance of the optic nerve. Synonym(s): vascular circle of optic nerve; (2) a venous plexus in the areola surrounding the nipple.Synonym(s): areolar venous plexus
Haller cones - the coiled portion of the efferent ductules that constitute the head of the epididymis. Synonym(s): lobules of epididymis
Haller habenula - rarely used term for the cordlike remains of the vaginal process of the peritoneum. Synonym(s): Scarpa habenula
Haller insula - a doubling of the thoracic duct for part of its course through the thorax. Synonym(s): Haller annulus
Haller line - a thickened band of pia mater along the midline of the anterior surface of the spinal cord. Synonym(s): linea splendens
Haller plexus - a nervous plexus of sympathetic filaments and branches of the external laryngeal nerve on the surface of the inferior constrictor muscle of the pharynx.
Haller rete - the network of canals at the termination of the straight tubules in the mediastinum testis. Synonym(s): rete testis
Haller tripod - abdominal artery. Synonym(s): celiac trunk
Haller tunica vasculosa - the vascular, pigmentary, or middle coat of the eye, comprising the choroid, ciliary body, and iris. Synonym(s): vascular tunic of eye
Haller unguis - the lower of two elevations on the medial wall of the posterior horn of the lateral ventricle of the brain. Synonym(s): calcar avis
Haller vas aberrans - a narrow, coiled tubule frequently connected to the first part of the ductus deferens or to the lower part of the ductus epididymitis. Synonym(s): inferior aberrant ductule
Haller vascular tissue - the outer portion of the choroid of the eye containing the largest blood vessels. Synonym(s): vascular lamina of choroid
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