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OXiGENE believes that ZYBRESTAT is poised to become an important product in a novel class of small-molecule drug candidates called vascular disrupting agents (VDAs).
Vascular disrupting agents such as CYT997, that damage or inhibit the formation of tumor blood vessels, have the potential for significant anti-cancer activity," said Dr.
This key finding differentiates CYT997 from other vascular disrupting agents currently in development which can only be administered intravenously, limiting their clinical utility.
is a drug development company advancing three clinical-stage products: CYT387, a small molecule, dual inhibitor of JAK1/JAK2 kinase; nimotuzumab, an EGFR-targeting monoclonal antibody; and CYT997, a potent vascular disrupting agent (VDA).
Zybrestat, a vascular disrupting agent, targets and collapses tumour vasculature, thereby depriving the tumour of oxygen and causing death of tumour cells.

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