vascular diseases

vas·cu·lar dis·eas·es

(vaskyū-lăr di-zēzĕz)
General term that refers to diseases that affect blood vessels.

vascular diseases, diseases of the peripheral circulatory system.
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According to research to be presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session, the relationship between marriage and lower odds of vascular diseases is especially pronounced before age 50.
Because if you aren't consuming Vitamin B 12 and folate ( Vitamin B9) in ample quantity, you are likely to have a stroke or vascular diseases of the legs in the future.
Vascular Disease Foundation Established in 1998, The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) develops educational information and initiatives for patients, their families and friends, and health care providers regarding often ignored, but serious vascular diseases.
ThromboGenics is a biotechnology company focused on discovery and development of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of a range of vascular diseases.
Goldman, Vascular Biology Research Program, Division of Heart and Vascular Diseases, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), 6701 Rockledge Drive, Suite 10192, MSC 7956, Bethesda, MD 20892-0001 USA, 301-435-0560, fax: 301-480-2858, e-mail: goldmans@nhlbi.
The Colorado-based Vascular Disease Foundation is the only national organization with the sole purpose of educating the public about vascular diseases.
Its outstanding board of directors includes physicians, nurses, vascular sonographers, rehabilitation professionals, and clinical researchers who have been on the forefront of fighting vascular diseases for many years.
designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad line of therapeutic and diagnostic devices that enable interventional physicians, such as interventional radiologists, vascular surgeons and others, to treat peripheral vascular diseases and other non-coronary diseases.
develops and manufactures minimally invasive treatments for vascular diseases.
The Foundation's mission is to reduce the widespread prevalence and effects of vascular diseases by increasing public awareness of the benefits of prevention, prompt diagnosis and comprehensive management and rehabilitation to improve the quality of life and the longevity of affected individuals.
The angioplasty balloon catheter market has been considerably lucrative, targeting treatment of both coronary and peripheral vascular diseases.

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