vasa vasorum

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 [vas] (pl. va´sa) (L.)
vessel. adj., adj va´sal.
vas aber´rans
1. a blind tube sometimes connected with the epididymis; a vestigial mesonephric tube.
2. any anomalous or unusual vessel.
va´sa afferen´tia vessels that convey fluid to a structure or part.
va´sa bre´via short gastric arteries.
vas de´ferens ductus deferens.
va´sa efferen´tia vessels that convey fluid away from a structure or part.
va´sa lympha´tica lymphatic vessels.
va´sa prae´via the presentation, in front of the fetal head during labor, of the blood vessels of the umbilical cord where they enter the placenta.
va´sa rec´ta re´nis long U-shaped vessels arising from the efferent glomerular arterioles of juxtamedullary nephrons and supplying the renal medulla. Called also arteriolae rectae renis.
va´sa vaso´rum the small nutrient arteries and veins in the walls of the larger blood vessels.
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va·sa va·so·rum

small arteries distributed to the outer and middle coats of the larger blood vessels, and their corresponding veins.
Synonym(s): vessels of vessels
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va·sa va·so·rum

(vā'să vā-sō'rŭm) [TA]
Small arteries distributed to the outer and middle coats of the larger blood or lymph vessels, and their corresponding veins.
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Intercellular adhesion molecule and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 are highly expressed in adventitial vasa vasorum and thus constitute an important vascular port of entry for inflammatory cells.
(g-i) Sections stained by HE of the CES showed fusion of the CES and adventitia of the vein graft (g), formation of vasa vasorum (h), degradation of the CES, and infiltration of VSMCs in CES (i).
Infiltration of microvessels into the media, intima, and plaques originates primarily from proliferating vasa vasorum (the microvessels supplying the major arteries).
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(6) Another proposed mechanism is disruption of the vasa vasorum in the coronary artery leading to intramedial hemorrhage and subsequent dissection without an intimal tear.
On the other hand, in vasocrine signaling adipokines and free fatty acids might be released from EAT directly into vasa vasorum and be transported downstream into the coronary wall (7).
They point out that the mechanism of this type of injury is usually compression of the vasa vasorum, leading to ischemia.