vas efferens

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vas ef·'fe·rens

, pl.

va·sa ef·fer·en·ti·a

1. a vein carrying blood away from a part; Synonym(s): efferent lymphatic, vas lymphaticum efferens

vas efferens

(ĕf′ər-ənz, -ə-rĕnz′)
n. pl. vasa efferentia (ĕf′ə-rĕn′shē-ə)
Any of a number of small ducts that carry semen from the testis to the epididymis.

vas ef·fe·rens

, pl. vasa efferentia (vas ef'ĕr-enz, vā'să ef'ĕr-en'shē-ă) [TA]
1. A vein carrying blood away from a part.

vas efferens

(pl. vasa efferentia) the tubules leading from the TESTIS to the VAS DEFERENS.