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 [vas] (pl. va´sa) (L.)
vessel. adj., adj va´sal.
vas aber´rans
1. a blind tube sometimes connected with the epididymis; a vestigial mesonephric tube.
2. any anomalous or unusual vessel.
va´sa afferen´tia vessels that convey fluid to a structure or part.
va´sa bre´via short gastric arteries.
vas de´ferens ductus deferens.
va´sa efferen´tia vessels that convey fluid away from a structure or part.
va´sa lympha´tica lymphatic vessels.
va´sa prae´via the presentation, in front of the fetal head during labor, of the blood vessels of the umbilical cord where they enter the placenta.
va´sa rec´ta re´nis long U-shaped vessels arising from the efferent glomerular arterioles of juxtamedullary nephrons and supplying the renal medulla. Called also arteriolae rectae renis.
va´sa vaso´rum the small nutrient arteries and veins in the walls of the larger blood vessels.
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, gen.


, pl.


, gen. and pl.


(vas, vā'sis, vā'să, vā-sō'rŭm), [TA]
A duct or canal conveying any liquid, such as blood, lymph, chyle, or semen.
See also: vessel.
[L. a vessel, dish]
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n. pl. vasa (vā′zə) Anatomy
A vessel or duct.
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Abbreviation for visual analogue scale.


, pl. vasa (vas, vā'să) [TA]
A duct or canal conveying any liquid, such as blood, lymph, chyle, or semen.
See also: vessel
[L. a vessel, dish]
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(vas) (va'za) plural.vasa [L. vas, vessel]
A vessel or duct.

vas aberrans

1. A narrow tube varying in length from 112 to 14 in (3.8 to 35.6 cm), occasionally found connected with the lower part of the canal of the epididymis or with the commencement of the vas deferens.
2. A vestige of the bile ducts sometimes found in the liver.

vas afferens

An afferent vessel of a lymph node.

vas afferens glomeruli

The afferent arteriole that carries blood to the glomerulus of a renal corpuscle.

vas capillare

A capillary blood vessel.
Enlarge picture

vas deferens

The secretory duct of the testis, a continuation of the epididymis. This slim, muscular tube, approx. 18 in (45.7 cm) long, transports the sperm from each testis to the ejaculatory duct, which empties into the prostatic urethra.
Synonym: ductus deferens See: illustration; genitalia for illus.

vas lymphaticum

One of the vessels carrying the lymph.

vas prominens

Blood vessel on the cochlea's accessory spiral ligament.

vas spirale

A large blood vessel beneath the tunnel of Corti in the basilar membrane.
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A vessel or channel conveying fluid. See VAS DEFERENS.
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, pl. vasa (vas, vā'să) [TA]
Duct or canal conveying any liquid (e.g., blood).
[L. a vessel, dish]
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