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1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
2. To undergo or show change.
3. To be different; deviate.
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Q. I have pre-diabetes, and am checking my glucose daily in the morning. I vary between 100 and 123. Normal

A. Sidney, this is the perfect time to start loosing weight. i'm guessing that this is the reason that your glucose levels are high. your Pancreas cells are doing a big effort in order to excrete insulin. i bet they started dying one by one because of that effort. loosing weight will save your Pancreas and you from insulin shots for the rest of your life.

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Its location and height mark it out from the everyday buildings around, while the rotation in plan is intended to signify the break between secular and sacred, and to create a void between building types which can be used for communal gatherings of varying size, or for private meditation.
Conversely, if the usual format is to perform single or double sets of varying movements for a targeted area, one exercise is chosen and more sets are performed.
Figure 2 is a graphical representation of the reduction of tensile strength of a coldbox core sand mixture (1% binder by weight) with varying levels of vein reduction compounds.
* siding--vary it with the architectural character: lap siding of varying widths, board and batten, shingles, "half timbered" (battens over stucco board); and
In place of the AGCT combinations that punctuate the nucleic acid chain, numbers from one to ninety-nine flashed at varying rhythms and apparently independently, each LED module counting at its own rate.
And while the essays do reflect different assumptions and examine different kinds of data, the issue of how gender is constructed visually by Rembrandt in one picture unites them, albeit to varying degrees.
Lasers have been used in cosmetic procedures for several years, with applications from dermatological resurfacing to hair removal procedures, with varying degrees of patient comfort.
Christopher Nordin, a scientist with the Institute of Veterinary Science in Adelaide, Australia, raises the issue of varying calcium needs in an opinion piece in a publication for nutrition scientists.
Competencies were addressed at varying levels, and some courses had a greater multicultural focus.
When a partner's interests in partnership profits and losses change, allocation of tax items must take into account the partner's varying interests during the year.
Waardenburg syndrome (WS) is an inherited disorder often characterized by varying degrees of hearing loss and changes in skin and hair pigmentation.
Significantly, the Sisters were continually challenged both by physicians and Board members alike whose varying professional and financial agendas continually placed them in conflict.