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1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
2. To undergo or show change.
3. To be different; deviate.

Patient discussion about vary

Q. I have pre-diabetes, and am checking my glucose daily in the morning. I vary between 100 and 123. Normal

A. Sidney, this is the perfect time to start loosing weight. i'm guessing that this is the reason that your glucose levels are high. your Pancreas cells are doing a big effort in order to excrete insulin. i bet they started dying one by one because of that effort. loosing weight will save your Pancreas and you from insulin shots for the rest of your life.

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In some materials, this has been shown not to be the case, and degradation may vary over the exposed cross-section as a result of diffusion-limited oxidation (ref.
In all, at least 10 courts have applied the plain language of the statutory provisions at issue and have concluded that the language of the statute is unambiguous, the IRS position is untenable, and the tax does not apply to toll telephone services levied on a call-by-call basis when such charges do not vary based on distance.
Across provincial borders, prices vary in part because of different provincial tax rates on gasoline.
Though their offerings vary in philosophy, both organizations provide solid, well-developed curriculums.
Space needs vary from 60 square feet per participant of multipurpose space (exclusive of kitchens, bathrooms, offices, hallways and storage space) to 100 square feet -- again, with dementia facilities requiring more space.
Variable costs vary with utilization, as in the FFS model.
7) The pattern of lag coefficients is permitted to vary with the level of recent short-term rates to reflect the dependence of the duration of coupon bonds, such as corporate bonds, on the interest rate.
Tenders are invited for Providing social services social therapeutic workshops in the Karlovy Vary Region.
Since people can vary widely in how they react to a particular medication type or dosage, many doctors consider personalized treatment to be one of medicine's loftiest goals.
Deadline: 03-01-05; Number Awarded: 31-40 Must be admitted to NCSA; other requirements vary depending on scholarship
Excessive bearing clearance will result in the roll shifting during operation as roll separating forces vary.