variola minor

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smallpox. adj., adj vari´olar, vario´lous.
variola mi´nor a mild form of smallpox having a low fatality rate.
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A mild form of smallpox caused by a less virulent strain of the virus.
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A mild form of smallpox, which was eradicated in 1977.
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va·ri·o·la mi·nor

(var-ī'ō-lă mī'nŏr)
A milder form of smallpox.
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It would appear to be an unrewarding exercise to compare the inactivation of the virulence of Variola minor and that of Variola major, especially telescoping the results of tests carried out in the 1970s, to conclude that these are relevant to the infectivity of a strain of the smallpox virus in the late 1700s.
Smallpox in people is not zoonotic and presents in two clinical forms, variola major (25% to 30% fatality rate with signs of shock, toxemia, and intravascular coagulation) and a similar but milder disease known as variola minor (less than 1% fatality rate).
During 1900- 1904, an average of 48,164 cases and 1528 deaths caused by both the severe (variola major) and milder (variola minor) forms of smallpox were reported each year in the United States [1].
Os estudos em torno da doenca estabelecem a existencia de dois tipos de variola: a variola major, que apresenta uma taxa de mortalidade elevada, atingindo de 25% a 30% dos infectados, e a variola minor, com sintomas mais brandos e uma taxa de mortalidade de 1% ou menos (2).
A comparable study from Leiden in 1968 used variola minor scabs collected and stored in 12 unsealed envelopes kept at room temperature.
It is caused by the variola virus and comes in two strains: the less severe variola minor and the more deadly variola major