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The diversification or alteration of a phenotype produced by a change in the genotype during somatic development.
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colour variation in different parts of the leaves or flowers of a plant. It can occur genetically, for example by a somatic mutation affecting PLASTIDS, or through disease, particularly virus infection.
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Patchy variation in color.
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Variegation was not found in treated plant population of Rosa centifolia but plants of Rosa gruss an teplitz treated with colchicine @450 mg l-1 produced variegated flowers (Figure 1).
A systemic definition should learn to embrace the complexity and build from a non-reducible definition that captures the elements of perspectivialism, pluralism, variegation and so on.
Cornus alba 'Spaethii' is an outstanding form, with strong yellow variegation.
Some monstrous, some tiny, some with different variegation, more puckered, smoother, with taller stems or with shorter growth.
Citrus Swizzle forsythia is a shy-blooming, 12- to 18-inch tall by 2- to 3-foot-wide shrub whose foliage emerges chartreuse with a lime-green center variegation in the spring.
Urban and social historians have enriched popular understanding of the development of suburbs, but suburban variegation has been less explored.
She is confident that scientific modelling of the visual image compensates for the cultural variegation of any report on subjective processes.
A variety called June is one of my favorites with striking variegation. This hosta has thick, slug-resistant gold leaves with blue margins.
'Flaming Silver' has an elegant creamy variegation to its leaves and is a much more compact shrub than Forest Flame, making it ideal for a pot.
If left unchecked, they will eventually take over from the variegation.
Plus some variegation with cream or white, such as Phormium cooklanum Tricolor'.