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The diversification or alteration of a phenotype produced by a change in the genotype during somatic development.


colour variation in different parts of the leaves or flowers of a plant. It can occur genetically, for example by a somatic mutation affecting PLASTIDS, or through disease, particularly virus infection.


Patchy variation in color.
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If left unchecked, they will eventually take over from the variegation.
Walberton's Fragrant Star has golden yellow flower heads and green leaves with yellow variegation, which complement the flowers.
In the 1940s, rampant hybridization resulted in plants in new colors: pink, lavender, yellow, white; and in all sorts of variegation in the leaves: stripes, ruffled edges and different textures.
The variegation of this crassula's foliage provides color year-round and echoes the pot's cinnamon hue.
One of the popular hybrids is Miscanthus 'Zebrinus', commonly called Zebra Grass, with its irregularly spaced horizontal bands of yellow variegation and copper coloured flowers.
A ground cover with pink and white variegation that could hold its own in the shade would be a welcome addition to the shade gardener's plant palette.
What makes this latest effort so singularly important is Horton's emphasis upon the diversity, the variegation, and the "significant divisions" within the free black community itself.
Mocha is a deep, rich walnut color with a subtle, streaked variegation; Pecan is a warm reddish-brown color with earthy variegation to nicely complement brick or stone; and Tigerwood has a unique look that blends light and dark shades within the same board to more closely emulate the natural tones of Ipe, a tropical rainforest hardwood.
Of course, you also get many shrubs with splashes of yellow in the form of variegation such as the golden elder, Sambucus nigra 'Aurea'.
The subtlesilvery-white variegation on blades and inflorescence make it stand out in shade.
Ivy in yellow or cream variegation adds a splash of evergreen colour.