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1. An instrument used for measuring small differences in electrical potential.
2. An electrical resistor of fixed total resistance between two terminals, but with a third terminal attached to a slider that can make contact at any desired point along the resistance.
[L. potentia, power, + G. metron, measure]


Etymology: L, potentia + Gk, metron, measure
a voltage-measuring device.


A voltmeter.

calibration potentiometer

A mechanically adjusted resistance used as a calibration control on many instruments. It adjusts a voltage or current within the device.
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An analog remote-control terminal is accessible on the rear, allowing users to connect external variable DC voltage sources or variable resistors to remotely control the output voltage and current or remotely enable and disable the power supply output.
the resistive method--which consists in placing some fixed and variable resistors on the motor circuit; this method ensures a fine adjustment, on narrow fields of pressure.
Just before the race I had to tweak the variable resistors so that our robot gave a really good performance.
If the fixed resistors in the ideal [pi] attenuator are replaced with variable resistors a variable attenuator is obtained.
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