vanishing cream

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van·ish·ing cream

an oil-in-water emulsion containing potassium, ammonium, or sodium stearate with water and holding in emulsified form more or less free stearic acid; it also contains a hygroscopic ingredient such as glycerol, and a small amount of a fatty ingredient; it leaves a protective, invisible film of stearic acid on the skin.
Synonym(s): greaseless cream
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THE CLAIM: It naturally clears and prevents acne by working "from the inside out" with a combo of homeopathic tablets and "vanishing cream" (which turns out to be--surprise again--benzoyl peroxide).
Labour MP Tony Banks said: "Unfortunately for the voters, the one thing the Chancellor cannot buy is vanishing cream."
introduced Preventin, its own version of the popular wrinkle and stretch mark vanishing cream StriVectin.
Gallons of Estee Lauder vanishing cream won't make the draining tiredness go away.
The products in its line designed to achieve those objectives are a daily face wash, acne-fighting pads, vanishing cream and tinted cream.
Arthur Itis is offered as a vanishing cream or as a clear lotion in a convenient roll-on applicator.
SmithKline Beechm Clearasil vanishing cream 0.65-oz.
The companies included Sarwana Hsozihm, Karachi, Khyber Chemicals Lahore, and ALM Surgical Sialkot and produce tooth paste, hair remover, bleach cream, face wash, acne and vanishing creames besides surgical and dental products for beauty.
For those with oily complexions, however, Savage has another recommendation: The Vanishing Creams are popular in Asia because they're a bit lighter on the skin, and it has lavender in there, so it's very balancing.