vanishing cream

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van·ish·ing cream

an oil-in-water emulsion containing potassium, ammonium, or sodium stearate with water and holding in emulsified form more or less free stearic acid; it also contains a hygroscopic ingredient such as glycerol, and a small amount of a fatty ingredient; it leaves a protective, invisible film of stearic acid on the skin.
Synonym(s): greaseless cream
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Aldara is a vanishing cream applied by the patient and will be available by prescription only.
Pollen is also an ingredient in various cosmetics, including mild shampoos, tanning cream, vanishing cream, tonic and soothing lotions, and bath gel.
Things like Pond's vanishing cream that as a child I thought could make you disappear; Pepsodent toothpaste,Mansion polish and Mothak moth balls which hung around my mother's fur coat on fine purple silk thread.
Gallons of Estee Lauder vanishing cream won't make the draining tiredness go away.
If she's going out somewhere special, she'll dab some Pond's Vanishing Cream on her face, outline her eyes with a bit of black pencil and add mascara.
Advanced Polymer's acne vanishing cream under the trade name