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Vandals were accused of having 'no respect' after the tree was attacked again PICTURE: CONNAH'S QUAY TOWN COUNCIL
Mr Richardson said he was worried the vandals would return.
Vandal attributes the spiraling homicide rate during Reconstruction to the unwillingness of the majority of white Louisianians to accept the new social order.
The Brazilian hackers have produced a cleverly crafted tool that makes vandals not only more dangerous, but also more difficult to remedy.
So far this year, anti-biotechnology vandals have struck 13 crop sites in the United States, from Maine to California.
In one sense, this is a strange distinction to make, since the activity of iconoclasts and of vandals is essentially the same - both smash idols.
The PV9 Series illuminated vandal resistant switches feature a long life expectancy and are water resistant to IP65 ratings.
The wardens of South Tyneside helped tackle vandalism at Lord Blyton School, Simonside, by opening up the school's sports pitches to local youngsters on weekends, a peak time for vandal attacks.
The more a vandal tags, the more evidence mounts for an easier conviction, she said.
SPRINGFIELD - A vandal wrecked 15 young street trees at the corner of 30th Street and Commercial Avenue, and the city is offering a $200 reward to solve the crime.