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A salt of vanadic acid.
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As already discussed, the broadband emission spectra of vanadate phosphors are due to the charge transfer (CT) of an electron from the oxygen 2p orbital to the vacant 3d orbital of [V.sup.5+] in tetrahedral V[O.sub.4].
A complex of RNase A with a transition-state analog, uridine vanadate, was also studied using a combination of neutron and x-ray diffraction techniques (14).
Types of pigments: Blacks (spinel), Blues (spinel, phthaocyanine, indanthrone), Corrosion Inhibiting (zinc phosphate, modified zinc phosphate, zinc-free anticorrosives, organic inhibitor), Greens (spinel, phthaocyanine), Reds (naphthol, quinacridone, DPP, benzimidazolone), Yelloivs and Oranges (chrome rutile, nickel rutile, bismuth vanadate, naphthol, arylide, diarylide, isoindoline, benzimidazolone).
V0.13Mo0.87O2.935 catalyst was synthesized successfully in powder form by reducing acidified vanadate and molybdate solution.
In the last years, our research group has performed novel in vivo studies with decavanadate in order to understand the contribution of decameric vanadate species to vanadium toxic effects [1, 10].
It is clear from this table that the ratio of anionic part represented by vanadate and tungstate ions in the ion exchanger is higher than that of cationic part represented by zirconium ions; this result confirms that the anionic part in the prepared ion exchange material is responsible for the ion exchange process inside the ion exchanger rather than the cationic part [17].
Bismuth vanadate (BiV[O.sub.4]) has long been recognized for its ferroelasticity [7] and its application as a nontoxic and bright yellow pigment [8].
VO(IV) complexes have extensive clinical applications such as the oral administration of vanadate to type -1 diabetic rat lowered the high level of blood glucose to normal values.
It is stimulated by anions [34], insensitive to vanadate, unlike plasma membrane ATPase that is inhibited by orthovanadate by formation of phosphorylated intermediate [35].
* Bismuth vanadate and encapsulated bismuth vanadate yellows
The TruMark 3130 from Trumpf USA, Farmington, Conn., uses an yttrium vanadate laser, instead of the Nd:YAG laser in the sister Model 3020.
When vanadium loads exceed the capacity of the chelators, however, free vanadyl ions ([V.sup.+4]) and the more potent vanadate ([V.sup.+5]) may be released at high local concentration and may attack important biomolecules, resulting in cellular dysfunction (Hirao 2000; Liochev and Fridovich 1987; Nechay 1984).