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A salt of vanadic acid.
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Kern, "Differential effect of vanadate on DNA synthesis induced by mitogens in T and B lymphocytes," Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, vol.
With ADP and vanadate (Vi), myosin forms the stable myosin-ADP-Vi complex, in which ~50% of heads were bent.
12) Vanadate has been shown to provide corrosion inhibition on aluminum 2024-T3 by forming adsorbed layer on its surface.
Bismuth vanadate needs a hand in speeding the reaction that produces fuel, and that's where the paired catalysts come in.
The iron oxide makes a good junction with bismuth vanadate, and the nickel oxide makes a good catalytic interface with water.
3] (25%), adjusted to 100 ml with distilled water] mixed with 25 ml ammonium vanadate solution [0.
2005) The photochromic effect of bismuth vanadate pigments.
For this purpose, five mL of each digested aliquot was transferred to 50 mL volumetric flask and 5 mL of ammonium vanadate (0.
The insulin-like effect of sodium vanadate on adipocyte glucose transport is mediated at a post-insulin-receptor level.
Thus, when vanadate is acidified by a perchloric acid the yellow pervanadyl ion, V[O.
A similar occurrence is found in a localized vanadate assemblage in the Reward mine.