van Gieson stain

van Gie·son stain

(van gē'sŏn),
a mixture of acid fuchsin in saturated picric acid solution, used in collagen staining.
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van Gie·son stain

(van gē'sŏn stān)
A mixture of acid fuchsin in saturated picric acid solution, used in collagen staining.
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van Gieson,

Ira, U.S. histologist and bacteriologist, 1865-1913.
van Gieson stain - a mixture of acid fuchsin in saturated picric acid solution, used in collagen staining.
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Reagent Kit (Beijing Yili Chemical Co., Ltd., China) was used for Van Gieson stain.[17],[18] To determine the degree of collagen fiber accumulation, we randomly selected twenty fields in three individual sections and calculated the ratios of the areas of Van Gieson-stained interstitial fibrosis to the total ventricular area using software Image-Pro Plus 6.0 (Media Cybernetics, Maryland, USA).[17],[19]
These sections were subsequently stained with Miller's Elastica van Gieson stain (EvG) and hematoxylin and eosin (HE).
The morphometrical analysis was performed using elastin-stained sections (Miller's Elastica van Gieson stain) and ImageJ software (Version 1.51f, ImageJ).
Pathological exam: cornoid lamella with underlying interrupted granular layer; dense lymphocytic infiltrate in the superficial dermis (van Gieson stain, x40).
After deparaffinizing the sections and placing them onto glass slides, the sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and elastin Van Gieson stains. For morphological evaluation, preparations that had been stained with elastin Van Gieson stain, according to the method used previously by Petrik et al.
After one month of the primary operation, some brain tissue was taken out with a small elliptical incision under local anaesthesia for serial histological evaluation by Haematoxylin and Eosin stain, (10) PAS stain, (11) Van Gieson stain, (12) Gomori stain, (13) Giemsa stain, (14) etc.
In problematic cases, (3) performance elastic fiber stain, such as elastic Van Gieson stain, would be useful because the stain demonstrates a more sparse, fragmented, and disorganized elastic fiber distribution in the areas of fibrosis in UIP4 compared with more marked and established elastic fiber deposition in relation to the alveolar walls in PPFE, which is described as containing at least twice as much elastin compared with UIP.
1.02439, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) and Van Gieson stains to evaluate Ishak modification of hepatitis activity index.
Special stains like Periodic acid-Schiff stain (PAS) and Van Gieson stains were used wherever necessary.
Once the section with the smallest lumen from each vessel was determined, morphometric measurements for luminal, intimal, medial and total vascular areas were performed using digitized images of the van Gieson stained sections with a KS400 software package (Axioplan 2 imaging system).