van Gieson

van Gie·son

(van gē'sŏn),
Ira, U.S. histologist and bacteriologist, 1865-1913. See: van Gieson stain.
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The human body registers exposures and logs them in the epigenome, explained Eric Van Gieson, the ECHO program manager.
Van Gieson stain was used to examine the fibrosis of LV and RV in response to different treatments, and Western blotting analysis was performed to explore different MMP-2 expressions between LV and RV in response to ND and/or ST.
These globules show a serrated edge, highlighted by van Gieson elastic stain.
Alfred Van Gieson has become an ambassador of Hawaiian culture through his success as a champion paddler.
They stain deep purple with phosphotungstic and hematoxylin, yellow with elastica van Gieson, and bright red with Lendrum phloxine tartrazine.
Histopathological analysis of resected PCs was performed by staining tissue sections with H & E, elastica van Gieson, and Masson trichrome.
The histological sections 7-10 pm thick were prepared, H&E stained according to Van Gieson and examined using a digital microscope Axio Imager.
Sections of liver stained with haematoxylin and eosin, Van Gieson and Gomori's reticulin argentation revealed increased portal collagenous tissue, sclerosis and thrombosis of small branches of portal veins, arterialisation of portal vein and regenerative hyperplastic nodules (Figure 3 a & b).
Histokimyasal calisma ile yapilan elastik Van Gieson boyamada elastik liflerde artis ya da patoloji gorulmedi.
Olgumuzda yogun hiperkeratoz, akantoz, hipergranuloz ile birlikte Van Gieson boyamada dermiste elastik liflerde kaybolma gorulmesi tani konulmasini saglamistir.
After deparaffinizing the sections and placing them onto glass slides, the sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin and elastin Van Gieson stains.
The material was microscopically analyzed using Hematoxylin and Eosin and Picrofuchsin by van Gieson, taking in to account the histological type of tumor and the degree of epithelial dysplasia.