van Buren

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van Bur·en

(van byūr'ĕn),
William H., U.S. surgeon, 1819-1883. See: van Buren sound, van Buren disease.
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Allied's Van Buren branch, which closed in 2015, wasn't part of that deal.
There are occasional factual mistakes: Van Buren was the eighth, not seventh, president; four, not five, nineteenth-century vice presidents became president following the incumbent's death; Theodore Roosevelt served longer than Coolidge; and Walter Mondale was very much involved in Carter's transition.
Van Buren shows what a slipshod process it was, despite (or mostly likely in part because of) the many billions of dollars poured into the effort.
To his credit, Van Buren recognized that they did not; that establishing chicken farms and milk-processing plants (both of which failed at great cost, largely from ignorance of basic economics as well as of local conditions) would not dissuade Iraqis from joining the insurgency; and that Islam and the violence Americans had perpetrated in invading their country and killing their friends, fellow tribesman, and relatives had something to do with the subsequent violence in Iraq.
Of the many boondoggles witnessed by Van Buren is the Vatican-city-sized American Embassy in Baghdad and its staff ("male, pale, and Yale .
Van Buren says there was more money than they could literally spend, and sometimes they simply gave it away, as with a microgrant program under which $5,000 in cash would be dispensed to an Iraqi to "open a business, no strings attached," he reports.
Van Buren is replacing Mitch Rudin, who, as The Real Deal previously reported, left CBRE in June to serve as the president and CEO of U.
Van Buren School Superintendent Merle Dickerson said the district follows the U.
The Van Buren expansion, meanwhile, is expected to increase the company's total capacity of canned sweet potatoes.
The initial brainstorming session between Ruth Van Buren and Alfred Luckerbauer began during the ANMP convention in Las Vega, NV last October, 2009 and has since led to this exciting partnership.
Pressman said the Van Buren poster, which was carried in a July 4, 1840, political parade in Barre by townspeople from Templeton supporting William Henry Harrison, is the finest one-of-a-kind example of political folk art discovered for the exhibition.