van Buren

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van Bur·en

(van byūr'ĕn),
William H., U.S. surgeon, 1819-1883. See: van Buren sound, van Buren disease.
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The Foreign Service Officers received very little training for their role, and one aspect of it, Van Buren says, is that "they never told us anything about what we were supposed to do once we got there.
The grass," Van Buren notes, "was the perfect allegory for the whole war.
There was no evidence of chicken killing as we walked past a line of refrigerated coolers," writes Van Buren of a visit to one such processing plant.
For more information on Ruth Van Buren http://ruth-van-buren.
Pressman said the Van Buren poster, which was carried in a July 4, 1840, political parade in Barre by townspeople from Templeton supporting William Henry Harrison, is the finest one-of-a-kind example of political folk art discovered for the exhibition.
With only 28 players in the division of larger schools, Newbury Park was the little team that could, thanks to an innovative passing scheme led by Smith and Van Buren.
To answer this question, Kincade provides detailed studies of Martin Van Buren and George Bush, the only two men to have succeeded to the presidency following their terms as vice president.
President Martin Van Buren does not usually receive high marks from historians.
We have a wide range of attractions this year, with the main event being the Van Buren Magic Spectacular - Europe's number one touring illusion show - who will perform twice during the day.
Tourism is essential to our economically depressed county," says Rita Pruett of the Van Buren County Industrial Board.
Clinton charged that Van Buren had the New York legislature under his thumb, and that his regulars there were imperious and corrupt.