van Buren

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van Bur·en

(van byūr'ĕn),
William H., U.S. surgeon, 1819-1883. See: van Buren sound, van Buren disease.
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Van Buren, who had backed Crawford in the 1824 contest, duly switched his loyalties to Jackson.
There are occasional factual mistakes: Van Buren was the eighth, not seventh, president; four, not five, nineteenth-century vice presidents became president following the incumbent's death; Theodore Roosevelt served longer than Coolidge; and Walter Mondale was very much involved in Carter's transition.
"It was good to watch Matt Van Buren's fight," said Chris.
Blair and Van Buren are a motley blend of old concrete and layers of asphalt, he said.
The reports of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR) confirm much that Van Buren tells us, but the broader lesson about nation building per se have passed him by, leaving the core premise of America's global meliorism undisturbed.
In 2009 and 2010, Van Buren points out, suicide caused more deaths among the U.S.
"The reconstruction of Iraq was the largest nation-building program in history," Van Buren writes, optimistically using the past tense, "dwarfing in cost, size, and complexity even those undertaken after World War II to rebuild Germany and Japan." Van Buren describes this mission as lunacy wrapped in fraud, and yet he volunteered to be part of it several years after most Americans had completely soured on it.
VAN BUREN: I remember seeing Franz Kline's telephone book drawings there, and work by the L.A.
Van Buren is replacing Mitch Rudin, who, as The Real Deal previously reported, left CBRE in June to serve as the president and CEO of U.S.
Van Buren School Superintendent Merle Dickerson said the district follows the U.S.
The Van Buren expansion, meanwhile, is expected to increase the company's total capacity of canned sweet potatoes.
Van Buren is expanding her business to Europe along with several other countries worldwide.