van Bogaert

van Bo·gaert

(vŏn bō'gĕrt),
Ludo, 20th-century Belgian neurologist. See: Canavan-van Bogaert-Bertrand disease, van Bogaert encephalitis.
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In 2013, Van Bogaert et al (4) surveyed more than 1100 nurses, finding that nurse-perceived quality of care was directly predicted by workload-related fatigue.
In helping professions the negative role of job demands on job outcomes (e.g., quality of care) and attitudes (e.g., job satisfaction) have been consistently found (Van Bogaert, Timmermans, Weeks, Heusden, Wouters, & Franck, 2014; Wilberforce et al., 2014).
In the healthcare context, fraud is defined by Ogunbanjo and Van Bogaert [2] as 'a white-collar crime involving the filing of dishonest healthcare claims in order to achieve a profit' According to Engstrom, [5] healthcare fraud in the USA is estimated to cost billions of dollars annually.
Van Bogaert (16) also suggested no effect of anemia during first trimester of pregnancy on the mode of delivery.
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There is evidence to suggest that role conflict is a strong predictor for work-related stress and well-being (Van Bogaert et al., 2014).
Studies have shown communication between providers improves decision-making, nurses' job satisfaction, and quality of care (De Meester, Verspuy, Monsieurs, & Van Bogaert, 2013; Propp et al., 2010; Wanzer, Wojtaszczyk, & Kelly, 2009).
[6] A study in SA by Van Bogaert [7] found a prevalence of anaemia of 19.7% in a rural population.
Van Bogaert showed significantly lower mean lower limb (P=0.004), vertebral (P=0.003), and foot (P=0.005) lengths in the dystocia group, which supported the results of the current study.