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abbreviation for a combination drug regimen, used in the treatment of cancer, containing three antineoplastics (vinCRIStine sulfate, methotrexate, and mercaptopurine) and a glucocorticoid (predniSONE).


part of shoe upper; see Table 1
Table 1: Parts of a shoe
The upperThat part of the shoe that covers and encloses the dorsal, medial, lateral and posterior aspects of the foot
The upper may be made from a single piece of material, or from a number of shaped elements, including:
Toe boxThe space at the distal limit of the shoe
Toe puffThe stiffener that lines and maintains the shape of the toe box
Toe capAn additional layer of upper material that overlies the toe box
VampThe part of the upper immediately overlaying the dorsum of the MTPJs (the part of the upper subjected to maximum flexing)
TongueThe shaped strip of upper that lies between and under the facings and overlies the dorsum of the metatarsals and tarsus
QuartersThe close-fitting part of the shoe that encloses the medial and lateral aspects of the tarsus and heel and the posterior heel area
Heel counterShaped stiffeners that maintain the contour of the heel of the shoe
BackstayA strip of material that overlies the back seam that joins the quarters at the posterior heel
SoleThat part of the shoe that covers and encloses the plantar aspect of the foot
The sole is made of hard-wearing materials that both cushion and protect the foot
InsoleThe innermost part of the sole on which the foot rests, often cushioned
ShankA metal strip extending from the middle of the heel to the tarsus
Bottom fillingsInfill material used to level out the space between the insole and the outsole where the shank is positioned (not including where the outsole is directly moulded to the upper)
WeltA strip of leather stitched between the upper and the outsole
OutsoleThe part of the shoe in direct contact with ground surface, made of a material that withstands hard wear, shock-absorbs and aids traction
HeelLifts added to the area of the outsole area that lies under the rearfoot

MTPJ, metatarsophalangeal joint.

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