values clarification

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1. the clearing of a liquid from turbidity.
2. the making of a concept or statement easier to understand.
values clarification in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as assisting another to clarify her or his own values in order to facilitate decision making.

values clarification1

a method whereby a person can discover his or her own values by assessing, exploring, and determining what those personal values are and how they affect personal decision making.

values clarification2

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as assisting another to clarify her/his own values in order to facilitate effective decision making. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.
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Values clarification also increases the awareness of the factors that influence career decisions (Reeves & Reeves, 1982).
The values clarification curriculum in this study was designed to raise students' awareness of their own values.
The values clarification curriculum was implemented during the course of a career exploration class offered by the high school.
In addition, the company will offer workshops in Values Clarification and Strategic Intent as well as guidance programs for keeping optimal teams on track.
The main components of conflict resolution are values clarification, listening skills, problem solving, mediation skills and introduction to victim/offender reconciliation.
The course curriculum is designed to provide special skills in handling conflict, with emphasis on developing and improving skills in listening, problem solving, values clarification, and mediation, plus emphasis on anger control, forgiveness and non-violence.
interest testing and values clarification exercises.
The book includes worksheets and exercises to facilitate values clarification and other decision-making steps, and an annotated bibliography.
The Committee protected its own self-interest by affirming the relevance of religious education, yet at the same time it recommended a system of values clarification which was totally incompatible with Catholicism.
It condemns any sex education programme which: 1) promotes "safe sex"; 2) teaches children about contraception, sterilization and homosexuality; 3) employs values clarification techniques; 4) uses classroom exercises in which students make drawings or other representations of genitals; 5) or take tests with questions on genital or erotic subjects.
The latter goal is often approached through values clarification, life goals reprioritization or several of Beatrice Wright's (1983) widely recognized procedures (i.