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Plural of vallum.
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Kelley's judgment, 31, therefore that "Like Ockham, Valla was almost unutterably literal-minded" is not adequate.
We are able to leverage investments and know-how from the commercial side, transfer that over to the defence side, and vice versa," Valla explains.
Gonzalez, Verne, and Valla (all electronic engineering, National U.
Valla opens the volume with an account of the history of research at Hayonim, complicated by the separate excavation of the cave and terrace deposits, albeit both under the auspices of O.
KASTAMONU (CyHAN)- A Turkish mountain climber has died in the Valla Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world, while five others were rescued on Sunday following a two-day rescue operation in the Black Sea province of Kastamonu.
Despite the distracting presence of the many personal vendettas that Filelfo waged along the way, his career as an author in the 1430s and '40s is arguably the single greatest example of the practice of political dissent in the Quattrocento, certainly equalling the disruptive scholarly interventions of Lorenzo Valla (1405-57), whose works generally challenged institutional dogma more than specific political regimes.
Lyall Moodie's comments came days after the Sunday Mail revealed his extraordinary hour-long cross-examination of daughter Valla at Paisley Sheriff Court as he fought her demands for pounds 450-a-month support.
These sites include Nahal Oren, Ain Mallaha (Eynan), Hayonim Cave and Terrace, Rosh Zin, Wadi Hammeh 27 and the renewed excavation at El-Wad (Bar-Yosef 1983; 1991; 1997; Bar-Yosef & Belfer-Cohen 1989; 1992; Belfer-Cohen 1988; 1991a; 1991b; Edwards 1991; Noy 1991; Valla 1995; Weinstein-Evron & Belfer-Cohen 1993).
The Lurie Company announced today that Gene Valla has been elected President of the San Francisco-based commercial real estate firm.
The new base will also represent, Valla pick & carry cranes, Badger Rough Terrain cranes and Manitex boom trucks and truck cranes besides PM loader cranes and Oil & Steel work platforms.
Schiffman (history, Northeastern Illinois U) surveys the development of the concept of history and historical thinking in the West focusing on thinkers of ancient Greece, early Christianity, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment, such as Herodotus, Petrarch, Jean Bodin, Montaigne, Lorenzo Valla, and especially Montesquieu.