valethamate bromide

va·leth·a·mate bro·mide

(vă-leth'ă-māt brō'mīd),
An anticholinergic agent.
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Also, drotaverine hydrochloride and valethamate bromide injection were given if required.
Comparison of Hyoscine-Butylbromide and Valethamate Bromide in shortening the duration of labour.
In the present case, combination of estrogen, Valethamate bromide, prostaglandin and corticosteroid was used for cervical dilation.
Tiwari K et al (4) (2003) studied the effectiveness of Buscopan and valethamate bromide on cervical dilatation with 300 cases using Buscopan intravenously with 40 mg dose as two divided doses.
In order to dilate the cervix, animal was administered with Intalyte (a) 1000 ml, slow iv, Valethamate bromide 50 mg i/m, Cloprostenol sodium 500[micro]g i/m, Dexamethasone 30 mg i/m and Diethylstilboestrol 30 mg, i/m, in addition Calcium and magnesium borogluconate (inj.
Critical evaluation of the efficacy of drotaverine hydrochloride with valethamate bromide.
Present paper evaluates clinical efficacy of Valethamate bromide and Prostaglandin therapy in buffaloes.
Among these drugs we selected two drugs drotaverine hydrochloride and valethamate bromide to compare their efficacy in accelerating the rate of cervical dilatation.
Similar results are found in this case wherein parturition was induced within 48 hours, using Valethamate bromide and calcium to accelerate the ripening of the cervix and uterine inertia.
Ceftriazone and Sulbactum, Enrofloxacin tab 150mg, Enrofloxacin injectionMinerals and vitamin Suppliments Valethamate Bromide -30 ml Ami Inflamalory drugs Ami parasitic drugs Albendazole I.
The animal was treated with Antihistaminics (Anistamin (a) 4 ml i/m), Valethamate bromide (Epidosin (b), 5 ml i/m), 5% Dextrose saline (450 ml i/v) and Oxytocin (Syntocinon (c) 2 ml i/v) along with Dextrose and 250 ml Calcium borogluconate i/v and the owner was asked to observe for any change.
The cow was treated with Dexamethasone @ 44mg, Cloprostenol sodium @ 526 [micro]g and Valethamate bromide @ 100mg intramuscularly.