valence electron

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va·lence e·lec·tron

one of the electrons that take part in chemical reactions of an atom.
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We attribute the different doping of phosphorene to the compatible electronegativity of doping atoms: Li, Na, and Cu have smaller electronegativity than P and can denote their valence electron to phosphorene.
From Table 2, the electronic configuration of vanadium in the oxido complex is given as [core]4[s.sup.0.27]3[d.sup.3.74]4[p.sup.0.49],17.97 2 core electrons, 4.5023 valence electrons, and 0.07505 Rydberg electrons.
(75) This is because such low-energy electrons cannot excite the valence electrons of water and hence interact only with phonons.
Akiba (emeritus, chemistry, Hiroshima U.) presents a concise account of the organic chemistry of elements of groups 15, 16, and 17 bearing unshared electron pair(s), and elements of groups 1, 2, and 12-18 in which valence electrons reside in sp orbitals.
Or, perhaps, for chemistry buffs willing to take their valence electrons with a touch of whimsy.--Daniel Strain Ecco, 2011, 428 p., $29.99
(18) This oxygen free radical has to reestablish its balance and form an octet (an atom with eight valence electrons), so it steals a neighboring electron from other natural proteins in your skin to regain stability.
The section on charge distributions looks at such topics as core and valence electrons, the valence region of molecules, and charges and ionization potentials.
By contrast, traditional polymers, such as polyethylene and polypropylene, are essentially made up of [sigma]-bonds where all valence electrons are bound in fully saturated chemical bonds ([sp.sup.3] orbitals), and as a result there are no mobile electrons that can participate actively in electron transport (electrical conduction).
Elemental halogens have seven valence electrons and are very reactive.
The positronium annihilation contributes to less momentum than the positron annihilation with valence electrons which is the dominant effect in Boise sandstone.
The metal's atoms (smallest units of an element) bind with carbon's four valence electrons (electrons in an atom's outer shell) to make a fuel ingredient.