vaidyas (vä·ēˑ·dyäs),, Ayurvedic physicians, whose practice is built on wisdom gained through cosmic consciousness as a result of religious introspection and meditation.
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Medicinal herbs were selectively chosen and identified to cure specific ailments by traditional doctors called vaidyas.
We know that if three Vaidyas read pulse of the same patient, they will get three different conclusions based on their knowledge level.
Current status of medicinal plants used by traditional vaidyas in Uttranchal state of India.
From tantric jharpuke vaidyas blowing mantras to rasa sastra alchemists concocting potent rejuvenating formulas, to pharmacists dispensing Indian commercial products and even to white-coated, stethoscope-wearing doctors ordering blood tests and prescribing herbs in the form of capsules and syrups, the myriad forms of Ayurveda resemble the half-cultivated, half-wild tangle of growth at the Godawari botanical gardens.
These medicines are the standard canon from which vaidyas have drawn for centuries, and I would argue that innovations of the kind Keshab Baidya makes fall within the bounds of tradition which is, I want to emphasize, a living tradition.
Modern Ayurvedic vaidyas [physicians] easily acknowledge that the wisdom in the ancient texts is too vast for them to say that they can now discover something new.
Mohandas was trained by the "Ashtha Vaidyas" which are the most renowned Vaidyas in all of India.
He noted that the local vaidyas used rice with pepper and cardamom, cauterized the feet of the patient, tied up the patient's limbs and applied long peppers to the eyes.
In Bangladesh, the folk medicinal practitioners, known otherwise as Kavirajes or Vaidyas form the first tier of primary health care for a substantial segment of the rural and urban population of the country.
Other than the before-mentioned systems, another system exists, which can be termed as folk medicine, which is practiced by folk medicinal practitioners of various villages and tribes who are known as Kavirajes, Vaidyas or Ojhas in Bangladesh (note that Ayurvedic medicinal practitioners are also known as Kavirajes or Vaidyas; Ojhas generally apply to practitioners of tribal groups like the Santals) depending on the region.
RSS pracharak pramukh Manmohan Vaidya said the pointspersons that mediate the Sangh-BJP relationship must not be seen as a completely formalised arrangement.
The churnas and bhasmas are crude compositions that can vary significantly in their active agent composition from batch to batch, and from one Vaidya to another.