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Relating to or marked by vagotonia.
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(va?go-to'ne-a) [? + Gr. tonos, tension]
Hyperirritability of the parasympathetic nervous system. See: sympatheticotoniavagotonic, adjective
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Because overexcited sympathetic function plays an important role in ischemic heart disease, the vagotonic stimulation of administrated acetylcholinesterase inhibitors might also provide beneficial effects [22].
(2009) suggested that the use of beta-blockers and other cardiac medications, such as digitalis, which is vagotonic, may mitigate adverse effects of PM on HRV.
AChEIs may potentially have vagotonic effects on heart rate (i.e.
Motion sickness (sea-sickness) is being defined as a neuro-vegetative syndrome with a reflex origin, especially vagotonic that has the source in the vestibular apparatus.
Although digoxin has prominent vagotonic effects, it is not very effective in decreasing the heart rate in the presence of enhanced sympathetic drive.