vaginal vestibule

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vaginal vestibule

An almond-shaped space between the lines of attachment of the labia minora. The clitoris is situated at the superior angle; the inferior boundary is the fourchette. The vestibule is approx. 4 to 5 cm long and 2 cm in greatest width when the labia minora are separated. Four major structures open into the vestibule: the urethra anteriorly, the vagina into the midportion, and the two secretory ducts of the glands of Bartholin laterally. The mucous membrane is stratified squamous epithelium.
See: Bartholin's gland; vagina; vestibular bulb
See also: vestibule


pertaining to the vagina, the tunica vaginalis testis, or to any sheath.

vaginal annulus
see annulus vaginalis.
vaginal aplasia
manifested by imperforate hymen or residual strands of hymen. See imperforate hymen.
vaginal aspiration
use of a suction apparatus to collect a sample of vaginal fluid for culture, cytological or immunological examination.
vaginal biopsy
collection of a sample of mucosa by a pinch biopsy instrument for histopathological examination.
vaginal constriction
inherited defect in Jersey cows combined with anal constriction, sometimes with rectovaginal fistula.
vaginal cyclic changes
see vaginal cytology (below).
vaginal cystocele
the urinary bladder is lying on the floor of the vagina; the displacement has been via the urethra by eversion or via a tear in the floor of the vagina.
vaginal cytology
cyclic changes in the exfoliated epithelial cells of the vaginal mucosa occurring synchronously with the stages of the estrous cycle; collection of samples by the use of a swab and laboratory examination of a smear is a useful aid in determining the most appropriate time to mate a bitch.
vaginal fornix
see vaginal fornix.
vaginal hypoplasia segmental
see müllerian duct aplasia.
vaginal inflammation
see vaginitis (1).
vaginal neoplasm
include papilloma, sarcoma, myxofibroma.
vaginal process
an outpocketing of the peritoneum into the gubernaculum at the site of the future inguinal canal in the male fetus; becomes the tunica vagina of the adult.
vaginal prolapse
see vaginal prolapse.
vaginal retainer
see bearing retainer.
vaginal ring
see annulus vaginalis.
vaginal rupture
occurs during mating, dystocia, insemination, or by sadistic or malicious trauma. Results in peritonitis or cellulitis of the pelvic fascia.
vaginal smear
examination of the cells in a smear is used as an aid in predicting the time of ovulation, which may be useful in selecting the optimal date for breeding.
vaginal stricture
cicatricial contraction after traumatic injury.
vaginal tunic
the double peritoneal fold which encloses the spermatic cord and the testis; made up of a visceral layer which is adherent to the testis and cord, and a parietal layer which lines the scrotum and the inguinal canal.
vaginal vestibule
entrance to the vagina enclosed between the lips of the vulva, the labia minor. Connects the vagina at the external urethral orifice to the external genital opening; develops from the embryonic urogenital sinus.
vaginal wash
irrigation of the vagina with sterile saline can be used to recover cells, which are stained and examined microscopically to monitor estrus.


a space or cavity at the entrance to another structure.

aortic vestibule
a small space at the root of the aorta.
auricular vestibule
an oval cavity in the middle of the bony labyrinth.
ear vestibule
see vestibular apparatus.
laryngeal vestibule
the part of the larynx between the entrance (aditus laryngis) and the vocal folds (rima glottidis).
mouth vestibule
see oral vestibule (below).
nasal vestibule
the anterior part of the nasal cavity.
oral vestibule
the portion of the oral cavity bounded on the one side by teeth and gingivae, or the residual alveolar ridges, and on the other by the lips (labial vestibule) and cheeks (buccal vestibule).
pharyngeal vestibule
1. the fauces.
2. oropharynx.
vaginal vestibule
see vaginal vestibule.