vaginal laceration

vag·i·nal lac·er·a·tion

tearing of the vaginal wall.
Synonym(s): colporrhexis
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The CLEAR-TRAC family of retractors includes: CLEAR-TRAC SP, a single-use surgical pocket retractor designed for procedures requiring illumination and exposure during surgical dissection; CLEAR-TRAC V, a single-use vaginal retractor perfect for vaginal laceration repair and other operative gynecological procedures; and CLEAR-TRAC B, a single-use breast retractor ideal for breast augmentation, reconstruction, and mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures.
Unrecognized, vaginal laceration may predispose patients to mesh extrusion.
5 Prenatal risk factors Diabetes 2 (10) 1 (4) Group B [beta]-hemolytic streptococcus colonization ([double dagger]) 3 (16) 4 (16) Intrapartum risk factors Intrapartum treatment with antimicrobial drugs ([dagger]) 9 (43) 7 (29) Cesarean section ([double dagger]) 3 (14) 2 (8) Artificial rupture of membranes ([section]) 12 (63) 10 (44) Vaginal laceration or episiotomy ([section]) 18 (95) 22 (82) Epidural anesthesia ([section]) 12 (63) 18 (78) Interventions Aspiration 17 (81) 22 (82) Repeat aspiration 7 (41) 5 (23) Incision and drainage 1 (6) 9 (41) Drain placement 3 (14) 6 (22) Outcomes Hospital admission 10 11 Median length of stay, d 4 4 Median leukocyte count, cells/[micro]L 12.
There was also no relationship between urinary incontinence and anterior vaginal laceration or epidural anesthesia.
The first study, based on an audit of a US medical procedures database, studied 34,048 vaginal deliveries and concluded that Asia ethnicity was an independent risk factor for severe vaginal lacerations (OR 2.
Following vaginal delivery of a 4 kg baby, she had severe hemorrhage as the uterus was not contracting in addition to deep multiple vaginal lacerations.
The remaining 2% of women were excluded from analysis because their vaginal lacerations did not extend to external genitalia.
Genital tract trauma, vulvar and vaginal lacerations, along with lacerations of the cervix or involving the perirectal tissue, anal sphincter, or rectum, are also correlated with PPH.
At the meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in April, CSI introduced the Guardian Vaginal Retractor(TM), a device used to facilitate episiotomies and the repair of vaginal lacerations.
Although minimizing episiotomy use may increase the number of anterior and vaginal lacerations reported, these carry minimal morbidity compared with other lacerations that are more common with episiotomy.
Striae Gravidarum as a Predictor of Vaginal Lacerations at Delivery
Is there a correlation between vaginal lacerations caused by forceps and incontinence?