vestibule of vagina

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a space or cavity at the entrance to another structure. adj., adj vestib´ular.
vestibule of aorta a small space within the left ventricle at the root of the aorta.
vestibule of ear an oval cavity in the middle of the bony labyrinth.
vestibule of mouth the portion of the oral cavity bounded on one side by teeth and gingivae (or the residual alveolar ridges) and on the other by the lips (labial vestibule) and cheeks (buccal vestibule).
nasal vestibule (vestibule of nose) the anterior part of the nasal cavity; it is lined with stratified squamous epithelium and contains hairs (vibrissae) and sebaceous glands.
vestibule of vagina the space between the labia minora into which the urethra and vagina open.

ves·ti·bule of va·gi·na

the space posterior to the glans clitoridis and between the labia minora, containing the openings of the vagina, urethra, and ducts of the greater vestibular glands.

ves·ti·bule of va·gi·na

(ves'ti-byūl vă-jī'nă) [TA]
The space behind the glans clitoridis and between the labia minora, containing the openings of the vagina, urethra, and ducts of the greater vestibular glands.
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10) In a study of female OCP users, the labia major thickness and vaginal introitus tissue were evaluated along with sexual function via a questionnaire.
The physical examination revealed female genitalia, vaginal introitus, and visible urethra, with two holes at the vulvar vestibule.
The Viveve Treatment uses patented, reverse-thermal gradient radiofrequency technology to tighten the tissues of the vaginal introitus (opening) and requires only a 30-minute out-patient treatment in a physician's office.
Five months later the patient developed a tumor recurrence in the vaginal introitus.
a development stage women's health company, announced today that it has received the European CE (Conformite Europeenne) mark for the use of its Viveve System for the non-surgical treatment of laxity of the vaginal introitus (opening), after childbirth, to improve female sexual function.
Should doctors reconstruct the vaginal introitus of adolescent girls to mimic the virginal state?
Patients presented with bladder (41%) and bowel (55%) symptoms, and most complained of prolapse protruding through the vaginal introitus (86%).
The patients applied the cream to the clitoris, eriurethral area, vaginal introitus, outer vagina, and inner surfaces of the labia minora.
Perineal body defects are often found in patients who have an enlarged vaginal introitus or a history of straining or prior episiotomy, for instance, and addressing these defects is a key part of posterior wall repair that is too often neglected.
The surgeon creates a pouch for the neovagina from the blind vaginal introitus into the abdominal cavity.
The Viveve System is a medical device used for the nonsurgical procedure of post-birth laxity of the vaginal introitus, a medically recognized quality of life condition.
The PB is shaped roughly like a pyramid, with the base between the vaginal introitus and the anal sphincter.