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Nass Corporation chairman Sameer Nass and Haldor Topsoe Middle East office in Bahrain managing director Thomas Vadum Ia Cour signed the MoU.
The query provoked an almost instant response from the conservative author Matthew Vadum, who (https://twitter.
We decided to model our anthology on the book, Images of Women in American Popular Culture, edited by Dorenkamp, McClymer, Moynihan and Vadum (1995), which is used to teach the gateway course into Assumption's Women's Studies Program.
and WIMG Board Member; and Matthew Vadum, Supreme Court and housing reporter, The Bond Buyer.
By leveraging technology and reducing the cost layers, Vadum provides customers with greater convenience, flexibility and the value of lower-priced insurance.
The researchers gleaned such a precise description of the damage by studying historical accounts and the disturbed sediments near the castle, called Vadum Jacob.
Cary Chandler -- President and CEO, Vadum Technologies, Inc.
com has proved to be the 'go-to' resource for talented Bahraini engineers since we first engaged the service in June this year," Haldor Topsoe general manager Thomas Vadum la Cour said.
ATTU005 07/25/2000 08:31 r f bc-GA-Vadum-Experts (ATLANTA) Vadum Expands Insurance Team With Four New Industry Experts
As Vadum opens the targeted channels needed to reach our online customer base, signing this agreement with Onvia is a key strategic milestone," said Cary Chandler, chief marketing officer for Vadum.
As an international market leader in our field, Haldor Topsoe needs the very best people to help us achieve the highest standards of delivery at the local level," Haldor Topsoe Bahrain general manager Thomas Vadum la Cour said.
eMusic, SkyDesk, Vadum, Liquid Green, Harbor Funds, Proxis, Nationwide Building, and Virgin Mobile.