vacuum extractor

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an instrument for pulling out a body part, foreign body, or calculus.
basket extractor a device for removal of calculi from the upper urinary tract, consisting of a network of filaments on a catheter that is passed into the ureter through a ureteroscope; the filaments surround the calculus and snare it so that it is withdrawn when the catheter is withdrawn.
vacuum extractor a device to assist delivery consisting of a metal traction cup that is attached to the fetus' head; negative pressure is applied and traction is made on a chain passed through the suction tube.

vac·uum ex·trac·tor

device for producing traction on the head of a fetus by means of a soft cup held by a vacuum.

vacuum extractor

A device for applying traction to the fetus during delivery by using a suction cup attached to the fetal head. Its use may be hazardous except in the hands of experts.
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The narrator muses that Vacuum Extractor (if he were able to write it, that is) would be a perfectly hermetic book, resisting the reader's attempts at interpretation.
Potential neonatal complications stemming from the use of a vacuum extractor include superficial scalp trauma, cephalohematoma, subgaleal hematoma, intracranial hemorrhage, and retinal hemorrhages.
An attempt at forceps delivery also failed, and delivery was finally accomplished by a sixth application of the vacuum extractor.
Subgaleal hemorrhage after the use of a vacuum extractor during elective cesarean delivery: a case report.
Several years ago I prosecuted an obstetric malpractice action involving the use of a vacuum extractor on a full-term baby with a persisting brow presentation.
The vacuum extractor did not cause shoulder dystocia.
is one of several doctors who wrote in to say that using an obstetric vacuum extractor can be very helpful in removing a large, benign-appearing ovarian cyst.
Kammer misused a vacuum extractor and crushed the skull of the fetus, resulting in a stillbirth.
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Less than optimal placement of the vacuum extractor will increase the risk of scalp trauma, particularly in nulliparous women.
And then as often as not there's an obstetrician at the foot of the table with forceps or a vacuum extractor adding additional pressure.