vacuum extractor

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an instrument for pulling out a body part, foreign body, or calculus.
basket extractor a device for removal of calculi from the upper urinary tract, consisting of a network of filaments on a catheter that is passed into the ureter through a ureteroscope; the filaments surround the calculus and snare it so that it is withdrawn when the catheter is withdrawn.
vacuum extractor a device to assist delivery consisting of a metal traction cup that is attached to the fetus' head; negative pressure is applied and traction is made on a chain passed through the suction tube.

vac·uum ex·trac·tor

device for producing traction on the head of a fetus by means of a soft cup held by a vacuum.

vacuum extractor

A device for applying traction to the fetus during delivery by using a suction cup attached to the fetal head. Its use may be hazardous except in the hands of experts.
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I hired an obstetrician with a great deal of vacuum extractor experience who had testified a number of times for the defense in medical malpractice actions.
In depositions, the experts presented powerful facts in a persuasive manner: Using a vacuum extractor on a persisting brow presentation with a full-term baby is contraindicated.
Revolutionary device expected to replace forceps and vacuum extractors
Forces are distributed evenly, with obvious advantages, over the entire longitudinal surface of the head rather than being concentrated as with steel forceps or vacuum extractors.
The original vacuum extractor, Malmstrom's in particular, had a metal cup with a screen and worked on a principle of generating a caput that molded into the cup of the extractor.
Type of delivery (vaginal or cesarean) seems to make little or no difference in transmission, but use of scalp electrodes, episiotomy, forceps or vacuum extractors seem to raise the rates somewhat, perhaps because of increased exposure to maternal blood.
Designed as a replacement for current birth assistance devices such as forceps and vacuum extractors which pose significant risks to both mother and child, SofCeps(R) also has the potential to reduce the overwhelming costs of litigation resulting from obstetrical mishaps in the delivery room setting.
1) surgical suction machines, vacuum extractors, vacuum cleaners ultrasonic surgical or regulatory or accessories (1 Unit)
The device has been under development for the past two years by Medisys as a less traumatic alternative to traditional obstetrical steel forceps and vacuum extractors.
Peterson's assessment that the majority of babies delivered by vacuum extractors are out by 5 minutes, but others take somewhat longer and are still successfully and atraumatically delivered.