vacuum desiccator

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vac·uum des·ic·ca·tor

a desiccator that can be evacuated.
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After molding, the samples were immediately sealed in a polyethylene bag and placed in a vacuum desiccator for at least 21 days prior to tensile testing.
The purified polyisoprene was dried for 12 hours at room temperature in a vacuum desiccator, then weighed and dissolved in chloroform at a ratio of 1:1 (w/v).
Solvent was removed in a vacuum desiccator to give a white residue, which was dissolved in a total of 1.
05 mmol/L solution in methanol) were added to a 5-mL glass vial, and the solvent was removed in a vacuum desiccator.
Tenders are invited for supply of equipments (i) One digital magnetic stirrer-hot plate with accessories-Magnetic stirrer bars (ii) One vacuum desiccator (iii) One precision balance with dust protective glass cover.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Automatic Vacuum Desiccator
Lot 2 - Forced Ventilation Oven, Micro-Deval Machine, Vacuum Desiccator, Analytical Balance, Hydrostatic Weighing Frame, Thermobalance, Ring and Ball Apparatus Automated Ductilometru Bath Water Heating Equipment, for Determining the Stickiness Bitumen, Equipment for Determination of Properties Thermal Shear Apparatus Automatically Edometru Stand with Three Equipment and Automated Data Acquisition and Processing, Device Automatically Cbr Software and Accessories, Proctor Device Automatically.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Miscellaneous Lab Equipments (Split Tube Furnace, Spin Coater with vacuum pump, Lock-in Amplifier, Fluorescence Cuvetts, Suprasil quartz, Vacuum Desiccator Cabinets, Etc.
The mixtures were then degassed in vacuum desiccators for 1 hour to remove the entrapped air, followed by pouring into trapezium shape release-coated silicone mould before cured at room temperature for 24 hours.
AIOU has a well established laboratory with all necessary laboratory equipments including Weighing Balances, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity and pH Meters, Incubator, Spectrophotometer, Furnace, Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Desiccators etc in addition to the common facilities for field oriented practical work.