vacuum casting

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vac·uum cast·ing

the casting of a metal in the presence of a vacuum.
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vac·u·um cast·ing

(vakyūm kasting)
Casting of a metal in the presence of a vacuum.
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Any hydrogen content in the ingot is reduced to as small an amount as possible by means of ladle degassing and vacuum casting.
The other benefits of selective casting and machining is that the casting process saves the time for machining the outer surface of each part, while machining the inner dimensions can attain tighter tolerances than prototypes made with conventional vacuum casting. This is because the final machining takes place after curing and shrinkage of the casting materials.
Vacuum casting is a close-tolerance, variable control process that relies heavily upon microprocessor technology to direct its rapid operations.
The purchase adds significant capacity to Shiloh's existing capabilities with the addition of squeeze casting, vacuum casting and high pressure conventional diecasting.
Besides wax vacuumation and vacuum casting, we need to establish slow and even cooling (in order to prevent micro cracks and other specific cooling defects).
Five new polyurethane materials are designed for rapid vacuum casting of prototypes and short-run parts that mimic properties of polypropylene and ABS.
Five "Parts-In-Minutes" polyurethanes for rapid production of prototypes and short-run parts via automated mixing/dispensing and vacuum casting have been developed by the RenShape Solutions Tooling Group of Vantico A&T US Inc.
Vacuum casting machine uses similar methods driven into the mold by atmospheric pressure.
Nobake 629 Centrifugal 92 Continuous 27 Pressure Diecasting 369 Coldbox 324 Horizontal Green Sand 670 Vertical Green Sand 232 Investment Casting 226 Lost Foam Casting 44 Gravity Permanent Mold 196 Low Pressure Permanent Mold 102 Plaster Molding 62 Shell Molding 147 Squeeze/Semisolid Casting 78 Vacuum Casting 89 V-process 7 1,644 Metalcasting Facilities Note: Table made from bar graph.
The technology of Epoxy Tooling using Vacuum Casting for the making of the mould insert for the moulding machine from a resin composite is very useful for the production of a short-term product batch such as a prototype or information series in plastic (50-1000 pieces according to the composite used to made insert and according to the injected materials).
The smallest vacuum casting machine handles molds up to 14 x 10 x 17 3/4 in.
Golf club maker Ping's Dolphin Precision Investment Castings, Phoenix, Ariz., currently is installing two titanium vacuum casting lines it estimates will be in production by Fall 2008.