vacuum casting

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vac·uum cast·ing

the casting of a metal in the presence of a vacuum.

vac·u·um cast·ing

(vakyūm kasting)
Casting of a metal in the presence of a vacuum.
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Using of Vacuum Casting Technique for Producing Functional Prototype (in Polish).
It was shown that vacuum casting into silicon rubber moulds with a wide array of different resins with various properties available, can nicely solve such problems.
MCP Tooling Technologies now offers the 5/05, a high-capacity vacuum casting machine that accelerates the production of wax patterns for investment casting.
New Material PrimeCast 100 for vacuum casting with laser-sintered patterns
It has signed an agreement with MK Technology, GmbH, Germany to be the exclusive selling organization of its vacuum casting system, which allows users to produce short runs of parts from silicon molds.
For vacuum casting, check for loose material in the lower of upper chambers of the casting furnace because the blower and vacuum pumps could ingest some material.
The model is then placed in an automated metal vacuum casting process, which quickly produces up to 20 metal parts for prototyping and production purposes.
Aurora produces these castings using its vacuum casting permanent mold technology, which allows for consistent and clean waterway surfaces with crisp detail within thin blade sections.
Shonan Design, a privately held rapid prototyping corporation that has been in business since 1967, supplies the Japanese marketplace with plastic prototypes using Stereo Lithographic Rapid Prototyping machines, as well as its proprietary plastic vacuum casting method which makes molds for plastic parts.
The company recently started developing boat propellers using its vacuum casting process.
Howmet, which is part of Alcoa Industrial Components, produces aluminum castings by investment and vacuum casting primarily for jet aircraft and industrial gas turbine engines.