vacuum aspirator

vac·uum as·pi·ra·tor

an instrument for removing the products of conception by suction after cervical dilation.
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Successful retrieval of an intrauterine device with " missing strings" using a manual vacuum aspirator in a desired early pregnancy: Case Report.
Midwife Sharon Hobo explains the manual vacuum aspirator, a tool for abortions in the first trimester does not keep a record of illegal abortion providers, so the extent to which these providers function is unclear.
Don't be frustrated or enraged as Michael Tooley, advocating the extreme liberal pro-choice position, starts with numbered propositions rather than with the sound of the vacuum aspirator, the grate of the curette, or the moans of regret.
Recently, a manual vacuum aspirator that allows women to have the procedure done in the outpatient setting has become available.
Above all it flows out of a wound, so we had to create a special vacuum aspirator to contain it.
McIntyre is the national vice chairman of the Planned Parenthood Association of South Africa (PPASA), and has promoted an early-abortion procedure carried out with a manual vacuum aspirator.
Vacuum aspirator pumps deliver up to 29" Hg of clean, oilless, pulseless vacuum.
A manual vacuum aspirator is a reasonable alternative for physicians who want to offer medical abortions but do not have a powered vacuum suction device in their offices, Dr.
In Hungary where I come from all the moms use a nasal vacuum aspirator.
Furthermore manual vacuum aspirator is without noise as compared to electric suction pump912.
Tenders invited for Vacuum aspirator with trap flask
Tenders are invited for Procurement of nsv kit, iucd kit, ppiucd forceps and manual vacuum aspirator