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the process of forming vacuoles; the condition of being vacuolated.


1. Formation of vacuoles.
2. The condition of having vacuoles.
Synonym(s): vacuolization


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Injury induces cytoplasmic vacuolization and edema of the basal layer, with separation from the underlying lamina densa resulting in a ragged-appearing dermal-epidermal junction.
6 kg (<3rd percentile) (<3rd percentile) Height 118 cm 127 cm (<3rd percentile) (<3rd percentile) Weight for height (%) 107 97 Peripheral blood smear Neutrophil Neutrophil vacuolization vacuolization AST (U/L) (normal: 5-34) 43 113 ALT (U/L) (normal: 0-55) 63 192 CK (U/L) (normal: 30-200) 633 492 Abdominal ultrasound Grade 2 Hepatosplenomegaly hepatosteatosis and grade 2 hepatosteatosis AST: Aspartate aminotransferase; ALT: alanine aminotransferase; CK: creatine kinase.
30) previously reported the use of RWV-derived 3-D INT-407 models of small intestinal epithelium for successful NV infection, demonstrated in part by cellular vacuolization and detachment after a 24-h challenge with unpurified extracts obtained from human stool specimens that contained genogroup I or genogroup II NoVs (30).
Testicular histology showed degeneration of the plasmalemma with vacuolization of the seminiferous tubules.
The morphology of the eosinophil may show few granules with clear areas of cytoplasm and cytoplasmic vacuolization.
Patients with duodenal diverticula are going to present an impaired and incomplete vacuolization (4).
Typical changes in the adriamycin-induced heart failure are increased free radicals accompanied by a decrease of endogenous antioxidants; thesubsequentincrease in oxidants results in enhanced oxidative stress leading to a slow loss of myofibrils and vacuolization of myocardial cells.
Structural alterations such as marginated chromatin and presence of vacuolization that are characteristic features of cell apoptosis, were observed in chondrocytes subjected to a continuous high HP confirming previous demonstration that this pressurization may induce chondrocyte apoptosis (33).
In diabetes group, patchy hydropic degeneration, tubular necrosis, vacuolization in some of the tubules, and marked paleness within tubular cell cytoplasm were observed (Fig.
This period corresponds with the initial phase of gliosis, demyelination, and vacuolization.
Histologic examination reveals bile duct hyperplasia, hyperchromasia that involves periportal hepatocytes, hepatocytic vacuolization, and portal fibrosis.
The structure and function of luteal cells change during lysis and includes an increase in lipids, vacuolization, lysis of smooth endoplasmic reticulum, condensation of chromatin, and a rapid decline in progesterone secretion.