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the process of forming vacuoles; the condition of being vacuolated.
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1. Formation of vacuoles.
2. The condition of having vacuoles.
Synonym(s): vacuolization
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Histopathological scoring Groups AA E EA V PN MC Healthy 0 0 0 0 0 0 AR 3 2 3 0 3 3 AR+desloratadine 2 1 2 0 2 2 AR+misoprostol 1 0 1 1 2 0 AR+desloratadine+misoprostol 0 0 1 1 1 0 E: edema; AA: acinar atrophy; EA: inflammation area; V: vacuolization; PN: pyknotic nucleus; MC: mast cell.
Morphological modifications, such as the vacuolization of the hepatocytes, glycogen depletion, inflammations, changes in the shape of the sinusoid vessels, and neoplasms may be interpreted as a response to environmental stress or a pathological process caused by infections or parasites (Kohler, Deisemann, & Lauritzen, 1992; Teh, Adams, & Hinton, 1997).
Tubular atrophy in proximal tubules, tubular dilatation, vacuolization with proteinaceous substance deposition in the tubules, and cellular debris in tubular lumen that were seen in the IR group were observed to be reduced when compared to the DIPC+IR group (Figure 5c).
for more than 45 days demonstrated neurological sequelae because there was sufficient encephalic neuronal loss/death; although, cytoplasmic vacuolization was not present upon histopathological analysis (BARBOSA et al., 2007; 2007; LIMA et al.
It is worth noting that in this study, histopathologically, hyperplasia, an increase in mucous cells at the distal end of primary lamella, vacuolization in secondary lamella, necrosis of gill epithelium and distortion in cartilaginous tissue were observed.
Increased vacuolization and engulfment of membrane residues and/or cytoplasm by autophagic vesicles may be attributed to autophagy, and these changes were more prominently observed in MCF-7 cells treated with 10 and 20 uM atorvastatin for 48 h.
In copper deficiency, commonly observed abnormalities in bone marrow include vacuolization in a single or multiple cell lines including myeloid precursors.
While after the in vitro tests, it is determined that the morphology of the cells changes, there is a reduction in the density, and the vacuolization is evident in peritoneal macrophages.
Treated embryos showed a higher number of altered mitochondria (with disruption, swelling, or vacuolization) and unusual mitochondrial cup- and donut-like shapes compared with control embryos.
Multiple 4 [micro]m sections were scored blindly, by two independent observers, for the following parameters: sinusoidal congestion, vacuolization of hepatocyte cytoplasm, parenchymal necrosis, and inflammation, with the total score representing the sum of all parameters for each individual animal.
Vacuolization may affect preferentially either type 1 or type 2 fibers.
The tubules also showed vacuolization and apoptotic changes and deposition of PAS +ve material on luminal surfaces (Fig.