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the process of forming vacuoles; the condition of being vacuolated.


1. Formation of vacuoles.
2. The condition of having vacuoles.
Synonym(s): vacuolization


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B, Vacuolization of distal tubular epithelial cells.
The dose of meloxicam and the degree of hepatocellular vacuolization showed a significant linear association (P = .
reported that slow freezing dose not elevate vacuolization in spermatozoa (24).
2: Showing degenerated CEC (arrow), vacuolization (broken arrow), thin top plate (arrow head) and lesions in gastric gland (white arrow) under normal microscopy (AL x 400), 1.
C) complete dissolution and Laceration links between sertoli cells and some of the spermatocytes with the advent of large vacuolization between spermatocytes (Figs 3a,b,e), emergence of a local death in some areas(Figs 3d,e),decrease in the number of leydig cells (L.
25 also observed that liver restored most of its normal structure and was able to diminish fibrosis, congestion, inflammatory cells infiltration, centrilobular hepatocyte swelling and hepatocyte vacuolization in lead-induced hepatotoxicity after co treatment with Allium sativum.
This sub-type is notoriously difficult to treat as it creates a huge amount of vacuolization, resulting in the rubbery, macerated texture and causes far more disturbance of cell differentiation throughout the entire thickness of the epidermis than HPV-2 & 4.
marked vacuolization and edema of the proximal tubules
The pathologic slides were graded histopathologically according to the edema and axonal vacuolization using a previously described scoring system by Coban et al.
Squamatisation of stratum basale, Vacuolization of spaces between stratum basale layer seen.