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1. A person who vaccinates. Synonym(s): vaccinist
2. A scarifier or other instrument used in vaccination.
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A few mentioned instances of dishonesty by the vaccinators, for instance, a respondent mentioned that vaccinators make entries on the vaccination cards without vaccinating the child.
The tool requires input of demographic data (human population, percentage urban, human-to-dog ratio); current dog vaccination coverage; logistic data for the campaigns (available vaccinators, dog vaccination rates, campaign duration); and an estimated cost per vaccinated dog.
Where polio still persists -- in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria -- vaccinators like Deepika work tirelessly to reach every child.
A limitation of our study was that we excluded private hospitals and clinics where vaccines were stored in Quetta; therefore, we were not able to evaluate the knowledge of vaccinators and observe the cold chain maintenance process at those facilities.
Bughran is a restive district but militants have never prevented vaccinators and in some cases the Taliban have assisted polio workers," he added.
Sampling: From selected districts, coagulated blood samples and retrospective information about clinical illness were collected from 465 exposed and 25 unexposed individuals including poultry attendants (354); butchers / poultry retailers (63); vaccinators (7); lab technicians (18) veterinarians (23) and controls / unexposed individuals (25).
Variables of the study were socio-demographic characteristics of the vaccinators including their training qualifications, staff competence, information regarding supply of vaccines, injection equipment, puncture proof safety boxes, maintenance of cold chain and vaccination/medical waste disposal.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department and Expended Program of Immunization (EPI) has handed over android phone to the health vaccinators to strengthen and monitor the routine immunization campaign and other childhood disease in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Betty, Sue Dow and I went on a vaccinator training course in Auckland and somehow got talked into becoming vaccination trainers for nurses in Northland.
The bomb went off near the house of polio vaccinator Mohammad Gul who was out walking with his brother, also a polio worker, and his cousin, although it was not clear whether they were specifically targeted.
Three months ago, a 16 years old vaccinator was killed by unidentified gunmen in Marjah district of the province.
We selected at least 1 national and 1 local vaccinator from each region and then purposively sampled them to increase geographic and organizational diversity.