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1. A person who vaccinates. Synonym(s): vaccinist
2. A scarifier or other instrument used in vaccination.
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Punjab Information Technology Board built a simple bespoke app for the phones which allowed vaccinators to click a button whenever they injected a child, with the location data saved.
Furthermore, vaccinators at 67 (12%) outreach stations were different from those listed in the microplan.
Where polio still persists -- in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria -- vaccinators like Deepika work tirelessly to reach every child.
But Daudzai said militants should identify areas where they planted roadside bombs so that vaccinators could be advised not to travel on those roads.
Results: Data showed that 35(71%) vaccinators were males and of the total, 38(78%) vaccinators were less than 30 years of age, 45(92%) were trained dispensers but also trained for vaccinations and 4(8%) staff nurses.
While 'flying vaccinator' theory may now be scientifically possible the question of ethics hangs over the application of the research.
Insecurity has been associated with reduced vaccinator access, reduced polio vaccination, and increased polio incidence in Pakistan.
"Bughran is a restive district but militants have never prevented vaccinators and in some cases the Taliban have assisted polio workers," he added.
For the past decade, it has been theorized that genetic engineering of the mosquito could create a 'flying vaccinator,' raising hopes for their use as a new strategy for malaria control.
The health employees who got cheques included: Dr Naveed Qamar, Dr Abbas Khan, Dr Shahnaz Saleem, Dr Nasir Ali Jaan, pharmacist Irum Kokab, charge nurses Ghazala Gul and Rukhsana Manzar, dispenser Kareem Buksh and Abdul Ghafoor, LHV Shahnaz Kousar, vaccinator Mohammad Raheel, LHS Zareena Rani, ward servant Hafiz Mohammad Umar, sweeper Nasim Bibi and cleaner Allah Ditta.
He urged that salary of the vaccinators should be linked with their performance and every vaccinator should get a monthly salary for the performance shown.